This is a non-profit non-partisan project intended to provide the public with an authoritative, professional collection of multi-media information helpful toward the objective of eliminating financial crime on Wall Street. All speakers and authors appearing on this website do so on a nonpartisan basis to expose what they believe to be  evidence of illegal behavior perpetrated by Wall Street. As such, their appearance is not political nor done in reference to either of the political parties that have disenfranchised 70% of the public while choosing to serve the 1%.

There are four ways to join this fight which is now in Phase II.

01 If you are a CEO and victim of  naked short-selling, get in touch with Robert and share your data which can be published at this website; there may be an opportunity for you to be a co-plaintiff or witness in future federal and state filings.  We will be aggregating and visualizing in a compelling public manner. Thiink in terms of a donation of $2,500 to $10,000.

02 If you have direct knowledge of naked short-selling and would like to contribute an interview or facts on or off the record, get in touch with Robert.

03 If you are an investor who has lost money to what you believe is a naked short selling and want to submit a testimonial on the cost to you and your family of naked short selling, get in touch with Robert.

04 If you are a citizen who wants to stop legalized crime by Wall Street, make a donation and your name can be added to our Honor Roll — publicize this web site to your local media and your (probably) crooked Members of Congress with the observation that they can save themselves by joining the StopNakedShortSelling Caucus.

Best way to contact Robert is by making a donation to the 501c3– this weeds out all the crazies. All donors receive a personal email  from Robert.


Donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers.