This is a non-profit non-partisan project intended to provide the public with an authoritative, professional collection of multi-media information helpful toward the objective of eliminating financial crime on Wall Street. All speakers and authors appearing on this website do so on a nonpartisan basis to expose what they believe to be  evidence of illegal behavior perpetrated by Wall Street. As such, their appearance is not political nor done in reference to either of the political parties that have disenfranchised 70% of the public while choosing to serve the 1%.

This web site is part of a new #UNRIG project under the personal direction of Robert David Steele and within the legal charter of Earth Intelligence Network, an accredited 501c3.

The web site and the book, Licensed to Steal: Stop the Naked Short Selling of America, will be completed and published on 26 June 2020.

Our intent is to inform and inspire action by President Donald J. Trump.

“He who sells what isn’t his’n, Must buy it back or go to prison” – Daniel Drew


To Put Naked Short Sellers — and US Government Officials  — Into Jail (or recover $100 trillion in illicit assets with presidential pardons as a thank you).

There is a new sheriff in  town. His name is Donald J. Trump.

We’re going to make this personal — identifying naked short sellers by name.

We will rescind the Holder Memorandum and pass legislation that applies federal  RICO to every aspect of financial fraud, inclusive of liberal use of NSA without a warrant. We have every email, every text, every call, every Instagram, every WhatsApp, every Tinder, every “game” chat.

The alternative: give back the $100 trillion and get “by name” Presidential pardons.

Or not. Have Ranger battalion, fixed bayonets.  Want to play?


The wealthiest 1 percent are currently stealing from the little guy on main street by harming mutual funds and the country’s pension systems (that are already underfunded).

They are also killing innovation — the seed corn of America’s future — when that innovation competes with BigPharma and other interests that thrive on toxic wasteful expensive offerings.

There are (naked) counterfeit shares on practically every publicly traded equity.

This illegal practice has bankrupted thousands of companies and destroyed the process of job creation.

When you control the settlement system by owning and controlling the DTCC inside a self regulated system with captive regulators there is no checks and balances.

$100 trillion is the documented estimate of how much has been stolen through naked short selling.

The Holder Memorandum that decriminalized securities fraud and took jail off the table is largely to blame for the explosion of this kind of legalized crime — licensed to steal. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appears fully complicit, as are all Members of Congress who appear to have been bribed or blackmailed into silent complicity and a persistent betrayal of the public trust.

The Senate Banking Committee is explicitly protecting this illegal practice.


On naked shorting specifically the regulators need to enforce the t+2 settlement system. Failed trades can’t be permitted to sit outstanding for long periods of time as it undermines the entire integrity of the system. Getting failed trades cleared up quickly is key. Some trades have been documented to be outstanding for over a year. Enforce a trade date plus 2 business settlement system with forced buyins.

Next, empower the regulators to audit the entire system and not just one bank at a time so that they can find the counterfeit shares. Banks have purposely hidden naked shorts from regulators by parking the naked shorts in other jurisdictions so that it would not be found during SEC audits. Currently there is no consolidated audit trail in place for the banks as the SEC continues to drag it’s feet on implementing it.

Brokers have the ability to use their market maker exemption to mark shares long when they are in fact short. They are allowed to do this in the normal course of making markets for clients. They are suppose to be flat by days end. They are abusing this privilege and taking directional bets against companies and these shorts do not show up anywhere for the market or regulator to see. This needs to be regulated and watched.

Brokers need to be audited on stock lending to make sure they are not lending out more shares then they have in their inventory. This is happening all the time and fines are peanuts.

The DTCC must become an independent clearing system with no allegiances to banks and brokers and to remain immune to such influence. The banks can not control such an institution. Take control of this systematically important institution.

Given the extent of naked shorts in the stock market one interesting solution would be to put audit teams in at all banks and at the DTC in conjunction with the right software programs and force the buyins of the naked shorts over the course of 30-60 days. This would result in a significant bump to the stock market over and above normal activities and when combined with the above recommendations end the greatest theft in modern history.

Lock them up.  Jail is back on the table.


Website naming names. We will map it at a high level and make this an issue of Presidential interest going into the 2020 Election.

Presidential Memorandum  Licensed to Steal: Stop the Naked Short Selling of America 

Congressional Hearings. The Senate leadership will be challenged to hold hearings prior to Election 2020, as the anger of the 99% over the new bail-out of the 1% peaks.

Legislation. Naked Short Selling is a criminal act; once legislation is passed, any individuals participating in and enabling this criminal act, including the leadership of the DTCC, need to be indicted, convicted, and sent to jail for life with no possibility of parole. Pardons will be available to all who fully disclose and make restitution to the individuals and companies (over 7,500 copies worth several trillion dollars) who were executed by predatory criminal operators on Wall Street. In passing, all complaints from any source about Naked Short Selling (NSS) must be made public, and a Special Court able to issue Emergency Orders provided to protect the innovators and small emerging companies being preyed upon with malice and with the active complicity of the US Government.

Settlement. NSA laydown and DTIC audit completed, pay up ($50 trillion) without legal processes being needed, or lose it all — be destroyed by name.

Much of the above less the website, NSA, and DTIC audit was done in earlier years. The difference is that now Donald. J. Trump is President, and he needs a major anti-Wall Street aspect to his campaign from 4 July 2020 to Election Day. #UNRIG seeks to provide the President with precisely that.


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