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Bradley Ira Abelow is an American businessman and democratic political leader who formerly served as Chief of Staff to the Governor of New Jersey in the Cabinet of Gov. Jon Corzine. Prior to entering Governor Corzine’s Cabinet as State Treasurer, he was a top executive for the Wall Street firm of Goldman Sachs. After working in Corzine’s cabinet he was Global Chief Operating Officer of MF Global He served for 15 years in executive positions with Goldman Sachs, where he worked with Governor Corzine, the investment bank’s former CEO. Treasurer Abelow headed the company’s global operations and at one point ran its Hong Kong office. While at Goldman Sachs, Abelow served on the Board of Directors of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. He graduated from Northwestern University (BA), Yale University (MBA).



Article: The ‘Phantom Shares’ Menace

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The ‘Phantom Shares’ Menace

John W. Welborn

Securities & Exchange,  24 April 2008

In 1985, the National Association of Securities Dealers (nasd) commissioned Irving M. Pollack, a securities law expert and former Securities and Exchange commissioner, to conduct a comprehensive review of short selling in nasdaq securities. The nasd sought to determine what, if any, additional short selling regulation was needed for the nasdaq market. The result was the now-famous “Pollack Study,” which described the short selling landscape of the day and made important recommendations regarding the disclosure, reporting, and settlement of short sales.

PDF (10 pages): The ‘Phantom Shares’ Menace