Letter: SEC Issues New Rules to Protect Investors Against Naked Short Selling Abuses


SEC Issues New Rules to Protect Investors Against Naked Short Selling Abuses

Alert Reader Comment:
And yesterday they said they will protect investors.  Its 2021 this is from 2008.  People ask me all the time. Stop the fraud.
This is the Police of the stock market. They protect the crooks    NOT anymore everyone knows the game will end fast now for BAD GUYS

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Legal Notice: Letter to PayPal CEO As Delivered


OFFICIAL LETTER with Letterhead: PayPal Letter Final

Dear Mr. Schulman,

As of the first minute of April 16, 2021 PayPal terminated my client, Robert David Steele, by terminating the PayPal account of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 educational corporation in good standing with the IRS and also the recipient of a Gold Star transparency award from Guidestar, a leading evaluator of non-profit endeavor competency and integrity. A copy of the termination letter is attached.

Email: Currency Rigging Is Treason, Bigger Than Cash Settlement Crime and Naked Short Crime


Alert Reader writes in:

Currency rigging is vastly larger than cash settlement which is vastly larger than naked short selling (counterfeit shares never delivered). Currency rigging is clearly treason — collusion with foreign governments to sabotage the US economy — interest rigging is in there as well. Cash settlement is not understood by most as being hugely bigger crime — purchased assets are not delivered! Then there is naked short selling.  You are missing two thirds of the treason and crime!

Robert David Steele: Open Letter to Financial Publishers



Look at the tag cloud.  We have just begun.  Wall Street is undergoing a controlled demolition and City of London is next.

https://pedoempire.org is the kill shot. They don’t care about fines and do not fear jail but they do fear being outed for Satanic pedophilia.  The printed books have been in the top 500 books sold out of six million published in their first week of publication. The content is free online and being read by millions, particularly across the Commonwealth countries whose publics seek liberty from Lucifer.

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David K. Lifschultz: New Forms of [Wall Street] Treason?


Max Keiser does not really understand what the monetary expansion has to cover.

Central banks are transferring wealth from the average person to the likes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos – RT’s Keiser Report

You have according to the BIS 600 trillion in derivatives against a 81 trillion dollar world GDP or a multiple of 7. The BIS coordinates only the banks so this figure does not include insurance company derivatives or others in private industry unless a bank is connected to the transaction so it is grossly understated.  Some Swiss bankers tell me it is more like 1.2 quadrillion and others up to 2.5 quadrillion. 1.2 quadrillion gives you a multiple on the world GDP of 14 and 2.5 quadrillion a multiple of 30.

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Top 11 Reasons The Short Silver Squeeze Is Very Possible

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Alert Reader notes:

Shorting corporations and even governments has long been a means by which “loan” money sharks destroy and control creative money industry and governments.  Although a crime, this activity is never prevented – but rather regulated to protect and create advantage for the perpetrators.  So why not use this system of financial mass destruction against the destroyers? And, wouldn’t it be fitting that the common man’s money, silver, would be just the silver bullet needed to punish and return the market system to the people.  JP Morgan may have captured the silver paper market, but the bulls control the physical market – if only they will.

Maybe the century old suppression and manipulation of silver prices has finally found its savior — a silver short squeeze, now in progress.

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The Worm Turns



Alert Reader notes:

I love the fact that the upcoming financial collapse will occur on the watch of the evil, and corrupt. Let CEO Biden have the appearance of being President, at least in the minds of those who live in the illusionary world created by the Fake News. At the fake oval office of Castle Rock studios, somewhere in California, as I understand, since the White House has been completely dark since January 20, 2021. Which has somehow gone completely unnoticed by the crack White House reporting staff at CNN. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Steven Vervaecke: Wall Street Controlled Demolition Part 2


The wallstreetboys reddit gamestop saga has been interesting. But the next chapter will be far more interesting.

The elite have striken back very agressive after being taken in total surprise. the robin hood app have forced all the gamestop traders to sell their shares instead of holding it. with some futher manipulation the elite where allowed to trade first and drove the reddit people to sell with loss.

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Robert Steele: Wall Street Controlled Demolition Part 1


Alert Reader sent me this.


I believe that some opening shots may have been fired on Wall Street and the central banking system. It is unlikely that the recent price action GameStop stock (and others) was simply caused by Reddit bloggers. Understand that stock bloggers chat rooms have been around for two decades. Also understand that in order for a stock to move a couple of points, some serious and sustained purchase volume is needed. This would only come from well-capitalized or institutional sources. It is dubious to conclude that a bunch of keyboard warriors pooling their relative “nickels and dimes” would cause a major stock or market movement.

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Alert Reader: Wall Street Situation More Dire, Cosmic Aspect?


I watched this:

Alliance, Trump, and More – Yazhi Swaruu´s Larger Perspective (Extraterrestrial Communication)

I reviewed earlier Cosmic Agency and it seemed to be at lower levels of transmissions – variable physical entities. This is different, it seems derive from non-physical beyond good and evil entities, delivered by Yazhi, but based on insights or information from a higher level.

It reflects what I am feeling — a much dire situation. The only good news is that the level of non-physical being just below unity with God are now concerned. If I see you in person, I’ll relate some information which I can not on-line.

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