Lawyer: Ferdinand Pecora

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Ferdinand Pecora  (January 6, 1882 – December 7, 1971) was an American lawyer and New York State Supreme Court judge who became famous in the 1930s as Chief Counsel to the United States Senate Committee on Banking and Currency during its investigation of Wall Street banking and stock brokerage practices

Ferdinand Pecora was born in Nicosia, Sicily, the son of Louis Pecora and Rosa Messina, who emigrated to the United States in 1886. He grew up in Chelsea, Manhattan. After briefly studying for the Episcopal ministry, Pecora attended St. Stephen’s College (now Bard College) and the City University of New York before he was forced to leave school when his father was injured in an industrial accident. Continue reading “Lawyer: Ferdinand Pecora”

Lawyer: Harvey Pitt

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Harvey L. Pitt (born February 28, 1945) is an American lawyer who served as the 26th chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), from 2001 to 2003..

Pitt graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 1961. He graduated from Brooklyn College with a bachelor’s degree in 1965, and from St. John’s University School of Law with a JD degree in 1968. Continue reading “Lawyer: Harvey Pitt”

Lawyer: Gary J. Aguirre


Gary J. Aguirre is an American lawyer, former investigator with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and whistleblower.

After working in a law firm briefly, he became a public defender, then worked as a trial lawyer in California. Having reached his professional and financial goals, he took an extended break in 1995. In 2000, he decided to go into public service and went back to law school, focusing on international and securities law. Continue reading “Lawyer: Gary J. Aguirre”

Lawyer: John O’Quinn


John Maurice O’Quinn (September 4, 1941 – October 29, 2009) was a Texas trial lawyer and founding partner of The O’Quinn Law Firm (formerly known as O’Quinn & Laminack). His firm made its business handling plaintiff’s litigation, including representing clients suing breast implant manufacturers, medical facilities, and tobacco companies. In 2009, O’Quinn, along with his passenger, died in a single car crash in Houston, Texas. There were three class-action law firms, headed by John O’Quinn, pushing back against naked short selling. O’Quinn ‘s firm was one also representing in the Internet retailer’s suit against short seller Rocker Partners LP and research firm Gradient Analytics.



Lawyer (RIP): John O’Quinn — Won $20B for His Clients Against Banks and Corporations Cheating the Public


John Maurice O’Quinn (September 4, 1941 – October 29, 2009) was a Texas trial lawyer and founding partner of The O’Quinn Law Firm (formerly known as O’Quinn & Laminack). His firm made its business handling plaintiff’s litigation, including representing clients suing breast implant manufacturers, medical facilities, and tobacco companies. In 2009, O’Quinn, along with his passenger, died in a single car crash in Houston, Texas.

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Lawyer: G. Robert Blakey


George Robert Blakey (born 1936) is an American attorney and law professor. He is best known for his work in connection with drafting the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and for scholarship on that subject.  Under the close supervision of Senator John Little McClellan, the Chairman of the Committee for which he worked, Blakey drafted the “RICO Act,” Title IX of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970, signed into law by Richard M. Nixon.  After Robert F. Kennedy became Attorney General, the Department began a major effort to bring criminal prosecutions against organized crime members, corrupt political figures, and faithless union officials.

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Lawyer: Brent Baker


Brent Baker is a shareholder and member of Parsons’ litigation, securities and regulatory enforcement departments. His practice concentrates on SEC enforcement and regulatory defense, private securities litigation and government/independent investigations.  He regularly advises registered entities regarding general compliance issues and is often engaged to advise clients on investment and financial services matters, and to counsel clients during regulatory examinations, on issues ranging from Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) matters, anti-money laundering (AML) matters and proactive compliance and remediation advice.

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Lawyer: Sidney Powell


Sidney Powell represents individuals, corporations, and governments in federal appeals in complex commercial litigation.  Powell wrote LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice after seeing a core group of federal prosecutors break all the rules, make up crimes, hide evidence, and send innocent people to prison.  She continues to write articles on government misconduct and prosecutorial misconduct for The Daily Caller, the Observer, the Hill, Fox News, and other outlets.

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Lawyer: Paul Davis


Paul Davis has a practice focused on mergers and acquisitions, proxy fights, corporate governance, corporate finance and business restructuring, and a broad range of securities and business law matters for both private and public issuers. Paul is the Co-Chair of the firm’s Capital Markets & M&A practice group and leads and coordinates the practice’s efforts across Canada.

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Lawyer: James “Wes” Christian


James “Wes” Christian  is a fourth generation Texan, who has handled complex litigation in at least eight different states and two countries.  Most of these cases have been in State or Federal Courts; some have been complex arbitrations. He is licensed to practice in 11 Courts across the U.S. and everywhere in Texas and New York.  His primary focus in the last 11 years has been suing Wall Street for fraud.  He has also handled many disputes involving breach of contract, fraud, wrongful death, intellectual property, breach of fiduciary duty and serious personal injuries or wrongful death actions.

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Lawyer: Michael J. Bowe


Michael J. Bowe

Michael’s ground-breaking defense of short-selling attacks has restored billions of dollars in market capitalization to his clients, frustrated class action lawsuits that accompany those attacks, and instigated the investigation, indictment, and closure of companies that engaged in such illegal conduct.

He was the lawyer for FairFax who fought the naked short cabal and which the Black Edge book is based. He knows this crime type intimately.

Online Biography & Contact Information

Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street

Lawyer: Mark Griffin


Formerly senior vice president and general counsel for, Griffin has been responsible for the strategic direction and operational effectiveness of the legal team.  Under his direction, the legal department has repeatedly seen success in fighting high-profile patent troll suits, and in working with the U.S. Congress, regulatory agencies and state legislatures on key legislation and regulatory matters, affecting the retail sector and public companies.  Griffin’s new position will expand his responsibilities in these and other areas.

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Lawyer: Eric Holder

Eric Holder

Eric Himpton Holder Jr. (born January 21, 1951) is an American lawyer who served as the 82nd Attorney General of the United States from 2009 to 2015.

Holder is notorious for his bad judgement and complicity in massive financial fraud inclusive of naked short selling. The Holder Memorandum will stand with Herbert Hoover’s complicity in  The Great Depression as one of the most examples of what Matt Taibbi calls “Griftopia” – the merger of political and financial crime.

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