GTII Picasso Dividend then Warhol, Dole Foods 13M Fakes


Alert Reader:

First up a quick recap on Press

Had 9 more complaints filed with the SEC yesterday at least 260 about security fraud By our Long Island friends. I added Fox News and 2 other
Reporters to my mix. I think a major story about this will happen. I HOPE a Family member of the press gets robbed or needs a cancer treatment
And the company that can help them is being naked shorted. Lets see how they scream when they cant be saved because the company can’t finish
Their testing. WHEN THEY SUFFER they will all start writing for sure.

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Anonymous Witness: GTII & FNGR In Deep Doo Doo


Its not done by Me way to much details.and zero errors BUT a great job

$GTII Naked Short Squeeze – Ultimate DD from GTII

Today GTII was Posted on REG SHO list. Means they are short so Much they cant hide it anymore. And the brokers cannot look the other way IT must be cleaned it. THE END IS NEAR. Today’s short was 300,000 out of 500,000 that traded wonder why it has taken so long. Maybe its was the 100’s of calls to SEC and FINRA

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Tip: A naked short selling Death spiral lending group EXPOSED and TRAPPED by a Public company GTII This Firm


A naked short selling Death spiral lending group EXPOSED and TRAPPED by a Public company GTII This Firm

GENEVA ROTH REMARK HOLDINGS, INC had their Convertible Debt retired and has no way to cover naked short Position The press release

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Another Thought on Silver by Jim Willie

Academic, Tip
Jim Willie | 21.02.01
Silver is up almost $3 from Singapore and soon Tokyo. I regard this entire Reddit Robin Hood movement as the Attack by the Lilliputians. Time to stampede over the JPMorgue zombies and take silver to $35/oz. Watch mining stocks to confirm the move of course, the Boyz can put it down with a paper barrage, but the Lilliputians might be in the tens of thousands and they smell blood. The GameStop was a trial run. 

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Tip: Arca Biopharma Naked Short Squeeze


at the volume in this name over the last 5 months very little then the good news

Arca Biopharma Nearly Quintuples On Plans To Test A Coronavirus Drug

ARCA biopharma, Inc. (ABIO)

May 29, 2020 13.90 14.97 12.25 13.20 13.20 3,504,613
May 28, 2020 8.82 22.00 7.42 19.21 19.21 83,480,200
May 27, 2020 3.87 3.97 3.67 3.95 3.95 5,000

stock goes from $4 to $22 on 80 plus million shares WHO sold all the stock and why isn’t the SEC and FINRA following the sell tickets?

THEY CREATED a massive short squeeze in 1 day selling COUNTERFEIT stock

Tip: Genesis Healthcare Under Naked Short Attack


Genesis Healthcare, Inc. Receives Continued Listing Standard Notice From the NYSE

Comment: GEN under attack of Naked shorts thanks to the NYSE and its delisting notice DOESN’T READ LIKE ITS A BAD COMPANY Have to wonder if the company is so bad who is buying the stock and bigger question who is SELLING IT ALL maybe that is why they dont meet the standard? The Shorts are trying to dorwn the company and use the NYSE rules to help them out. Always a nice press release we are being kicked off NYSE. That makes people panic for sure

Tip: Evofem’s Destroyed by Naked Short Sellers


Evofem’s gel first non-hormonal contraceptive to get approval in over 30 years

Comment: and someone naked shorts into the news the STOCK does nothing  why would you be a public company in USA when you work hard to get your approval and its worthless?   The company and shareholders should be rewarded NOT ROBBED.  Naked Shorts are have destroyed the equity markets using the loophole of selling COUNTERFEIT SHARES.   The USA Gov’t stops Counterfeiting of the USA Currency why not stocks?   Maybe the DTC and WALL ST needs a yellow Marker so they can tell which stocks are real and what are Fakes.

Volume for Evofem Biosciences

Tip: Vuzix Being Naked Short Sold, Defamed, Tortious Interference by the Ecology of Naked Short Selling Criminals Across Wall Street


Comment: VUZI up on big volume and all of a sudden an article comes out saying that it has been ‘leaked” about Apple’s glasses, which Apple has said won’t be around until 2024-Exactly what happens when the shorts start getting worried and they plant BS Stories.

This is total manipulation trying to hurt VUZIX with a BS “leaked” story in the aftermath of their offering last week — first place FBI should look is to the NSA records of their placement firm, probably in cahoots with the criminals and therefore a culpable accomplice.
Second Comment: The Naked shorts have caused the damage and continue to do so. Now they see Vuzix’s technology is serious, best in class and has multiple verticals in several industries.

Tip: TikTok New Major Naked Short Victim?


TikTok Owner’s Value Exceeds $100 Billion in Private Markets

ByteDance Ltd.’s valuation has risen at least a third to more than $100 billion in recent private share transactions, people familiar with the matter said, reflecting expectations the owner of video phenom TikTok will keep pulling in advertisers despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Comment: This is absolute bullshit and no with a brain should believe it.  This company is probably going to be driven into the ground by a group that has shills and others in place. This is also what China is worried about and this is why Xi and Trump will be talking about naked short selling soon.


Tip: Morgan Stanley Needs To Be Top Target

1 thing you have missed is Morgan Stanley in your name calling
just look at holders of OSTK they own 2% or 800K shares    WHY they owned for years  as the stock went up to $90 then back down and then back to $30  still holding. IN a stock like OSTK   Morgan buys a stake and then LENDS it out to shorts charging them a FORTUNE  how many times do they lend it out?
Make more money doing that then just selling PTON same pattern    STOCKS that big shorts your find them as a holder

Tip: Aurora Cannabis Naked Short Selling with NYSE Complicity?


thanks to NYSE delisting the stock is now way lower then it was before the FORCED reversing of stock

HIGH was $8.21   now $5.46       at $8.21 it was .68 cents   now at $5.45   is 45 cents

Just who does it help? ONLY the naked short selling crooks it reduces the numbers of naked shorts  They still exist BUT now reduced by the 12- stock reverse    12X LESS     thats the Wall St magic trick to hide the mess

Tip: Genius Brands Being Naked Short Sold?


Look at volume last few days 100M 2X Its insane settlement failures (FTDs) have to be HUGE as a CIA spy I can see it. The SEC has their heads up their asses not to see this The Data doesn’t lie People do and here is the data

Date Open High Low Close* Adj Close** Volume
May 13, 2020 0.7700 1.4100 0.7100 1.3100 1.3100 108,013,600
May 12, 2020 0.7500 0.7900 0.7000 0.7280 0.7280 12,622,900
May 11, 2020 0.6500 0.8480 0.6300 0.8050 0.8050 33,220,400
May 08, 2020 0.7240 0.7490 0.5050 0.5800 0.5800 43,040,000
May 07, 2020 0.7200 1.0300 0.6820 0.8350 0.8350 134,758,600