Article: Court Dismisses Some FX Rigging Claims Against Credit Suisse

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Court Dismisses Some FX Rigging Claims Against Credit Suisse

Aziz Abdel-Qader, 04 September 2019

A New York judge overseeing litigation accusing 16 banks of rigging prices in the foreign exchange market on Wednesday narrowed, but refused to dismiss antitrust lawsuits against Credit Suisse Group AG.

A group of investors has sued the global banks back in May for allegedly rigging prices for their own benefit by sharing confidential orders and trading positions. Continue reading “Article: Court Dismisses Some FX Rigging Claims Against Credit Suisse”

Article: Germany bans naked short-selling

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Germany bans naked short-selling

Holder Hansen, Andreas Rinke

Reuters, 18 May 2010

Germany, in an attack on the financial speculation on which it blames much of the euro zone’s debt crisis, on Tuesday announced a ban on some high-risk bets that prices of bonds and stocks will fall.

Analysts, however, were skeptical that Germany’s surprise move to ban some trades in a strategy known as naked short selling could be effective in taming market volatility, with one saying it suggested “desperation.”

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Article: Did It Help to Curb Short Sales?

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Did It Help to Curb Short Sales?

Floyd Norris

The New York Times, 12 August 2008

A rule that made it harder to short some financial stocks and that may have helped raise prices and reduce the volume of shorting in those stocks expired Tuesday, as the Securities and Exchange Commission considers whether to tighten the rules on all short selling.

It may be a coincidence, but the announcement of the rule on July 15 coincided with the bottom of the bear market for financial stocks, which leaped that day and are now well above where they were. And the final day proved to be a very bad day for those shares.

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