Article: Hindenburg Research Shorts One of the Biggest SPAC Winners: DraftKings

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Hindenburg Research Shorts One of the Biggest SPAC Winners: DraftKings

Michelle Celarier, 15 June 2021

Nate Anderson’s Hindenburg Research, the short activist firm that burst onto the scene last fall with an exposé of electric truck maker Nikola, is back with its fifth big takedown of a special-purpose acquisition company.

This time Anderson has set his sights on DraftKings, the online gambling site which went public in one of the hottest SPAC deals of 2020. His firm alleges that DraftKings has “extensive dealings in black-market gaming, money laundering, and organized crime.” Continue reading “Article: Hindenburg Research Shorts One of the Biggest SPAC Winners: DraftKings”

Article: ReconAfrica warns against short sellers

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ReconAfrica warns against short sellers

Ed Reed, 02 June 2021

Reconnaissance Energy Africa continues to come under fire from various sources, including short sellers, but it has received public affirmation for its plans from local government in Namibia.

The Canadian company’s activities onshore Namibia have been criticised by environmental activists. Initially, worries focused on fracking, but they have grown to include the potential impact on water and elephants.

A whistleblower reported concerns on ReconAfrica to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on May 5, National Geographic reported. According to the report, the company had allegedly failed to provide important information in an attempt to increase its share price. Continue reading “Article: ReconAfrica warns against short sellers”

Article: Dilworth Paxson Settles With Trust That Alleged Firm Role in Bond Fraud

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Dilworth Paxson Settles With Trust That Alleged Firm Role in Bond Fraud

Justin Henry , 07 April 2021

The Chicago health care trust that sued Dilworth Paxson in 2019 for its alleged role in an almost $40 million fraudulent bond sale agreed to a settlement with the firm last week, ending a dispute with the trust that sought millions in damages from the Philadelphia-based firm.

The Chicago Transit Authority Retiree Health Care Trust and the trust’s board of trustees dismissed claims against Dilworth and Timothy Anderson, a former partner at the firm, with prejudice, pursuant to a settlement on March 31. Terms of the settlement require each party to bear its own fees, according to the stipulation of dismissal.

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Article: A long list of Anson short positions.Good post on Stockhouse here

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A long list of Anson short positions.Good post on Stockhouse here

u/Rubarbarbara, Reddit, 17 March 2021

I have the full post below:We all know how the dirty rats at Anson Funds work. Wash trading, down ticking, spoofing among a host of other dirty tricks the banks let them get away with.

Then we have their army of social media bashers, their relationships with Nate Anderson at Hindenburg Research, Ben Axler at Sprucepoint Capital Management and Andrew Left at Citron Research, amongst many others. All of them in the pay of Moez and Anson Funds.

All working together to destroy companies and profit off their illegal deals.

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Article: The Dark Money Secretly Bankrolling Activist Short- Sellers — and the Insiders Trying to Expose It

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The Dark Money Secretly Bankrolling Activist Short-Sellers — and the Insiders Trying to Expose It

Michelle Celarier

Institutional Investor, 30 November 2020

More than a dozen short-sellers interviewed by Institutional Investor in an effort to penetrate this murky terrain say there are numerous players and various permutations of the model that may involve the sharing of ideas and research along with either a cut of the gains on the short trade or a set fee. In fact, some short-sellers believe that almost all of the activists have such backing — even those running small hedge funds themselves.

Article: Largest Silver Gold Manipulation Criminal Case Coming

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Largest Silver Gold Manipulation Criminal Case Coming

James Anderson, 08 February 2020

This week we learned that U.S. authorities at the DoJ, who have for years not only accused various JPMorgan Chase & Co. employees of rigging precious-metals futures but also got many to plead guilty. The US Department of Justice (DoJ) is now, more importantly, building a criminal case against America’s biggest bank itself.

The previously unreported investigation of the global bank’s parent company, part of a wide-ranging attempt by the Federal government to maintain shreds of its former financial market credibility, raises the now new prospect of criminal charges against higher up executives within the United States’ largest bank.

And perhaps even larger implications are coming to this once considered too big to fail, therefore we must bail them out bank.

One which today in 2020, and seemingly year after year the Bank for International Settlements’ Financial Stability Board ascribes as being the #1 Global-Sytimatic Important Bank (G-SIB). In terser terms, JP Morgan’s stability is consistently ranked by the central bank of central banks, as being the largest threat to our global financial system functioning smoothly (new Bank Bail-In Laws on the books still).

Today we will dig into some details about this coming criminal case against JP Morgan Chase.

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Article: In Pursuit of the Naked Short by Alexis Stokes

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In Pursuit of the Naked Short

Alexis Stokes, Texas State University

Journal of Law and Business 5/1 (Spring 2009)

This article explores the origins of naked short-selling litigation; considers
the failures of significant naked short-selling lawsuits in federal court;
surveys the obstacles erected collectively by constitutional standing requirements, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, brokerage firms, death spiral financiers, and the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation; examines the efficacy of Regulation SHO, SEC rule 10b-21, and new FINRA rules; discusses recent state legislation and state court litigation; and identifies non-litigation options to curb naked short-selling. Ultimately, this article seeks to answer the question: If manipulative naked short-selling is more than a mythological scapegoat for
small cap failure, what remedies are, or should be, available?

PDF (62 Pages): Article In Pursuit of the Naked Short

Article: SEC is Looking at Stock Trading

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Article: SEC is Looking at Stock Trading

Jenny Anderson

New York Times, 6 February 2007

The Securities and Exchange Commission has begun a broad examination into whether Wall Street bank employees are leaking information about big trades to favored clients, like hedge funds, in an effort to curry favor with those clients, executives at Wall Street banks said.

The inquiry, these people said, seems aimed at determining how pervasive insider trading, or the illegal use of market-moving nonpublic information, may be on Wall Street. Knowledge about a large trade, like the sale of a big block of stock by the mutual fund giant Fidelity, would tell a trader which way the stock would move.

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Article: DTCC Chief Spokesperson Denies Existence of Lawsuit

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DTCC Chief Spokesperson Denies Existence of Lawsuit

Financial Wire cited by RGM Communications via Wayback, 11 May 2004

FinancialWire received a confidential email between a reporter and Stuart Z. Goldstein, Managing Director of Corporate Communications for the Depository Trust and Clearing Corp. in which Goldstein was represented as denying that a lawsuit filed by Nanopierce Technologies (OTCBB: NPCT) exists.

The chief spokesperson for the DTCC, whose board of directors represent a who’s who of financial entities, including Lehman Brothers (NYSE: LEH), Citigroup / Solomon Smith Barney’s Corporate Investment Bank (NYSE: C), and Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MWD), was quoted as stating that the “lawsuit” did not exist and was simply “charges being leveled by internet crackpots.”

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