Article: Is Now The Time To Look At Buying Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE:AVY)?

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Is Now The Time To Look At Buying Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE:AVY)?

Simply Wall St, 12 February 2021

Let’s talk about the popular Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE:AVY). The company’s shares received a lot of attention from a substantial price increase on the NYSE over the last few months. As a large-cap stock with high coverage by analysts, you could assume any recent changes in the company’s outlook is already priced into the stock. However, what if the stock is still a bargain? Let’s take a look at Avery Dennison’s outlook and value based on the most recent financial data to see if the opportunity still exists.

Is Avery Dennison still cheap?

The stock is currently trading at US$173 on the share market, which means it is overvalued by 40% compared to my intrinsic value of $123.96. This means that the buying opportunity has probably disappeared for now. Furthermore, Avery Dennison’s share price also seems relatively stable compared to the rest of the market, as indicated by its low beta. If you believe the share price should eventually reach its true value, a low beta could suggest it is unlikely to rapidly do so anytime soon, and once it’s there, it may be hard to fall back down into an attractive buying range.
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Helen Avery is a journalist for Euromoney Magazine heading up global coverage of social and environmental finance. She is the managing editor of their sustainable finance podcast series. Avery also runs Euromoney’s coverage of global wealth management and philanthropy (since 2004). Throughout the years, Avery has written several articles and exposed how naked shorts and “fails to deliver” in the US equity market have been exacerbated and the sharp declines in share prices of financials. 




Article: Naked Shorting Will Cause U.S. Exchange Exodus

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Naked Shorting Will Cause U.S. Exchange Exodus

Bud Burrell

Financial Wire, 5 August 2010

This week, an important online news service released an article that should send shockwaves into our public markets. In very curt form, the article chronicles the many abuses of U.S. public companies by short selling manipulators, particularly through naked short selling and regular and derivative based synthetic shorting. By implication, the article recites the sheer embarrassing ineffectiveness of our regulators, who are engaged in a pattern of systematic conflicts of interest with revolving doors that are a major disgrace to our own government.

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EuroMoney, 27 March 2005

Shareholders and executives in some of the US’s smallest listed companies believe their share prices have been forced down by illegal naked shorting. This has led to a number of lawsuits, claiming unscrupulous behaviour by brokers and market-makers exploiting loopholes in the central clearing system. Those implicated dismiss the allegations as rubbish. What’s going on?

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