Article: Lawsuits Accuse “Prime Brokers” of Securities Fraud

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Lawsuits Accuse “Prime Brokers” of Securities Fraud

Wayne Jett

San Gabriel Valley Tribune cited by RGM Communications via Wayback, 19 July 2006

Two class-action lawsuits filed in Manhattan federal court in April allege fraud by the world’s largest “prime brokers” in securities lending practices.

Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Banc of America Securities, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank Securities, UBS Financial and Bank of New York allegedly charge high fees to lend securities for short selling, but fail to deliver the securities sold short by hedge funds.

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Web: Suit Against Prime Brokers for Phony Stock Borrow Charges Filed


Suit Against Prime Brokers for Phony Stock Borrow Charges Filed

Bud Burrell, Chad Bray

Dow Jones Newswires cited by Sanity Check via Wayback, 12 April 2006

An antitrust lawsuit was filed Wednesday against the securities industry’s largest brokerage firms over fees charged as a result of “naked short selling.”

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan by Electronic Trading Group LLC alleges that the major broker-dealers charged unearned fees, commissions or interest on short sales where those broker-dealers failed to borrow or deliver the stock to back a short position.

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Article: Overgrown Hedges

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Overgrown Hedges

Christopher Byron

New York Post cited by RGM Communications via Wayback, 26 September 2005

One of the first things any new chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission does after getting the job is to clear his throat, put on his best “I mean business” scowl, and announce to the world just how tough he intends to be on the miscreants of Wall Street.

Normally, this harmless ritual lets the man taking on Washington’s most thankless job preen a bit in public before getting smacked to the canvas by a system that basically doesn’t want him to be tough at all.

But these are not normal times — and the one thing this country needs more than anything is a government that knows what it is doing and that deserves to be taken seriously by its citizens.

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