Web: 5,000 Reasons Why the Overstock.com Saga is Crazier Than Ever


5,000 Reasons Why the Overstock.com Saga is Crazier Than Ever

Gary Weiss

gary-weiss.com, 30 January 2018

It’s been a long time since the financial press has cast a skeptical eye on Overstock.com and its CEO, Patrick Byrne, Yet there are multiple reasons to do so. Five thousand to be exact. So I’ve dusted off my blog for an update on my favorite fraudulent stock.

As in all soap operas, its continuing story line is not new: Byrne wants the stock to go up. The stock has a history of manipulation, mainly through cooking the books, resulting in multiple restatements. But it takes an expert to sniff out accounting irregularities. All you need to detect the latest Overstock scam is a working pair of eyes and an Internet connection.

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Article: Short-Sellers Are Burned by Novastar

Article - Media

Short-Sellers Are Burned by Novastar

Roddy Boyd

New York Post, 16 April 2006

One Midwestern financial company, long a target of short-sellers, has deployed an infrequently used tactic to inflict pain on its naysayers: Its management has put in place a strategy that consistently makes money.

The stock of Novastar Financial, a Kansas City, Mo.-based home-equity real estate investment trust, has been a battleground between long-term holders in love with its juicy dividends and short-sellers who suspect that the company has massive default risk with those loans.

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Article: Naked Shorting Targeted

Article - Media

Naked Shorting Targeted

Roddy Boyd

New York Post cited by RGM Communications via Wayback, 16 February 2006

Two state securities regulators have issued subpoenas to get at the trading records of Wall Street’s largest firms in a quest to stamp out the controversial practice of naked short-selling, sources said.

Naked shorting — the tactic of selling shares short without properly borrowing them first in order to bet on a stock’s fall — has been a concern of state securities regulators during the past year.

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