Analyst: Dr. Yi Chen, Ph.D.


Dr. Yi Chen is a Managing Director of Equity Research at H.C. Wainwright with expertise in both the biotechnology and the pharmaceutical sectors. Dr. Chen’s research covers investment opportunities in the U.S. healthcare industry. Prior to joining H.C. Wainwright, Dr. Chen worked as an Associate Director of Equity Research at Aegis Capital Corp. and as a Research Associate at Morgan Joseph TriArtisan, LLC. Dr. Chen also worked as a Trading Associate at Zhang Capital Management, a New York-based buy-side fund. Prior to that, Dr. Chen was a Research Associate at the City University of New York where his research focused primarily on protein signaling domains utilizing an RNA interference approach.

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Article: “Junk” explains Wall Street corruption better than most newspapers do

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“Junk” explains Wall Street corruption better than most newspapers do

Lucy Komisar

The Komisar Scoop, 1 February 2018

I have been doing investigative journalism about financial and corporate corruption for 20 years. Ayad Akhtar’s play is right on the mark.

It is based on the story of the corrupt junk bond trader Michael Milken. He got confederates to manipulate stocks so he could take over companies to loot and destroy them. It was a scandal of the 1980s. Too bad the market corruption he revealed never stopped.

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