Article: Novagold slams law firm for ‘malicious and false’ claims on Donlin gold project

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Novagold slams law firm for ‘malicious and false’ claims on Donlin gold project

Nahum Asher, 09 July 2020

According to the complaint, throughout the Class Period, Defendants misrepresented and concealed that (1) ACM Research’s revenues and profits were diverted to undisclosed related parties, and (2) consequently, the company materially overstated its revenues and profits.
Investors allegedly began to learn the truth on Oct. 8, 2020, when J Capital Research published a report entitled “Dirty business,” bringing ACM Research’s reported financials into serious question.
More specifically, J Capital concludes ACM Research is a fraud, over-reporting both revenue and profit. According to the report, “ACMR reports industry-beating gross margins of 47%” but “[w]e believe the real gross margins are half at the best.” J Capital also concludes revenues are overstated by 15-20%, undisclosed related parties are diverting revenue and profit from the company, the key means by which ACMR tunnels over-reported profit out of the company may be through about $20 million in overstated inventory and through cash that is inflated or compromised, and warranty and service costs are understated by at least $11 million.
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Article: NovaGold Lower Slightly After StreetSweeper Report

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NovaGold Lower Slightly After StreetSweeper Report

Benzinga, 07 January 2016

Shares of NovaGold Resources Inc. (NYSE: NG) were trading lower by more than 1 percent on Thursday following a negative report by The Street Sweeper on Wednesday. The Street Sweeper’s Sonya Colberg argued that while “there may be gold” in NovaGold Resources’ properties, investors “better not count” on the company “digging it out.”

Colberg noted that NovaGold owns 50 percent of 2 separate properties in Alaska (Donlin Gold) and Canada (Galore Creek). Meanwhile, the company is awaiting government approval for over 100 permits in its Alaska property while its Canadian property hasn’t seen any gold recovery despite numerous attempts since 2003. “Expected expenses are massive,” the report stated. ” The prospects are iffy. The risks are enormous. And the excavation route goes straight through investors’ wallets.”
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