Article: Global holdings of US Treasury Debt

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Global holdings of US Treasury Debt

Mark Lundeen , 26 April 2021

During 2007-09 credit crisis the global banking system suffered from a grand-mal seizure. Trillions in their reserves becoming insolvent. The global payment system broke down. There was no way the big Wall Street banks and the financial markets would be spared from his slaughter unless Dr Bernanke and his FOMC began “stabilizing” the financial markets with a brilliant new contrivance; a QE.

As always, we begin with a Bear Eye’s View (BEV) of the Dow Jones, with this BEV chart beginning in January 1982. What’s a BEV chart? It’s a view of a market’s price series where each new all-time high registers as a 0.00%, or a “BEV Zero.” All other data points NOT a new all-time high are converted into a negative percentage claw back from its previous BEV Zero. Continue reading “Article: Global holdings of US Treasury Debt”

Paper: Counterfeiting Stock


Counterfeiting Stock

Anna McParland

The Creation of Counterfeit Shares — There are a variety of names that the securities industry has dreamed up that are euphemisms for counterfeit shares. Don’t be fooled : Unless the short seller has actually borrowed a real share from the account of a long investor, the short sale is counterfeit. It doesn’t matter what you call it and it may become non–counterfeit if a share is later borrowed, but until then, there are more shares in the system than the company has sold.

The magnitude of the counterfeiting is hundreds of millions of shares every day, and it may be in the billions. The real answer is locked within the prime brokers and the DTC. Incidentally, counterfeiting of securities is as

It is estimated that 1000 small companies have been put out of business by the shorts.

PDF (12 Pages): Paper Counterfeiting Stock

Article: Northwest: Analysis of a Coordinated Short Selling Attack Against the Stock (NWBO, $4.69)

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Northwest: Analysis of a Coordinated Short Selling Attack Against the Stock (NWBO, $4.69)

LARRY SMITH, 20 October 2015

Again I can see some people scoffing at my suggestion of such broad based criminal actions but consider the following. Martin Martola of SAC Capital was sentenced to 9 years in prison because he had paid one of the primary investigators in the phase 3 trial of Elan’s bapineuzumab in Alzheimer’s disease to learn of results before they were made publicly available. The clinical trial investigator tipped Martola that the phase 3 trial was unsuccessful and Martola and his employer SAC Capital executed trades that resulted in $275 million of profits. SAC’s founder Steve Cohen was charged with the same crime, but Martola refused to testify against Cohen and he was not indicted. However, SAC made a $1.8 billion settlement for criminal and civil settlements and agreed not to manage outside money. Continue reading “Article: Northwest: Analysis of a Coordinated Short Selling Attack Against the Stock (NWBO, $4.69)”