Paper: Overview of Clearance and Settlement system


Subject:  Overview of Clearance and Settlement system

You have requested an overview of how the clearance and settlement system deals with the large amount of stock that is not being delivered in the U.S. and elsewhere.  All of the following are detailed in the enforcement actions I enclose.  While the cases we have handled have similar evidence, I cannot discuss those (as they are subject to a confidentiality order that prohibits disclosure to people outside the lawyers and clients in the case).

Let’s understand what occurs based on the enclosed:

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Article: Offshore Banking – The Secret Threat To America (Hound-Dogs)

Article - Media

Offshore Banking: The Secret Threat To America

Lucy Komisar

Hound-Dogs, 1 March 2004

This is a story about a massive money-laundering operation run by the world’s biggest banks. It hides behind the “eyes-glazing over” technicalities of the international financial system. But it could be one of the biggest illicit money-moving operations anyone has ever seen. And it’s allowed to exist by the financial regulators who answer to Western governments.

In these days of global markets, individuals and companies may be buying stocks, bonds or derivatives from a seller who is Clearstreamhalfway across the world. Clearstream, based in Luxembourg, is one of two international clearinghouses that keep track of the “paperwork” for the transactions.

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