Article: Global holdings of US Treasury Debt

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Global holdings of US Treasury Debt

Mark Lundeen , 26 April 2021

During 2007-09 credit crisis the global banking system suffered from a grand-mal seizure. Trillions in their reserves becoming insolvent. The global payment system broke down. There was no way the big Wall Street banks and the financial markets would be spared from his slaughter unless Dr Bernanke and his FOMC began “stabilizing” the financial markets with a brilliant new contrivance; a QE.

As always, we begin with a Bear Eye’s View (BEV) of the Dow Jones, with this BEV chart beginning in January 1982. What’s a BEV chart? It’s a view of a market’s price series where each new all-time high registers as a 0.00%, or a “BEV Zero.” All other data points NOT a new all-time high are converted into a negative percentage claw back from its previous BEV Zero. Continue reading “Article: Global holdings of US Treasury Debt”

Article: The mania phase, we’re in it

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The mania phase, we’re in it

Chuck Butler, 26 April 2021

Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you! Well, did you tune in for the panel discussion that I participated in last Thursday? I thought it went pretty well, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing my bit, that’s for sure! I hadn’t seen Mary Anne and Pamela Aden for a few years, and afterward, I had the thought that maybe they had found the fountain of youth, for they looked the same to me, as they did the last time I saw them in Orlando, years ago! And Omar spoke as well as he writes, which sometimes is a tough trick to pull off… And as far as I’m concerned, I have fun speaking, even more, than I do writing… not that I do either of them very well, but I have fun! Gerry & The Pacemakers greet me this morning with their song: Ferry Across The Mersey… I used to sing this song to Alex when he was a toddler to get him to sleep… Alex is nearing 26 this summer, so that tells you how long ago that was! Continue reading “Article: The mania phase, we’re in it”