Article: US regulator probing China’s role in container shortage

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US regulator probing China’s role in container shortage/strong>

John Gallagher, 06 May 2021

A top maritime official has started an informal investigation into whether China is using its market power to monopolize containers and other equipment crucial to international supply chains to pump up rates paid by American exporters.

Carl Bentzel, a U.S. Federal Maritime Commissioner (FMC), told attendees at a virtual business meeting hosted by the Intermodal Association of North America that he is looking into the availability of containers, intermodal chassis and railroad equipment, and whether the U.S. has become overly dependent on such equipment owned and managed by China. Continue reading “Article: US regulator probing China’s role in container shortage”

Chris Hedges: Don’t Be Fooled By Joe Biden

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Chris Hedges: Don’t Be Fooled By Joe Biden

Don’t be fooled by Joe Biden. He knows his infrastructure and education bills have as much chance at becoming law as the $15-dollar minimum wage or the $2,000 stimulus checks he promised us as a candidate. He knows his American Jobs Plan will never create “millions of good paying jobs – jobs Americans can raise their families on” any more than NAFTA, which he supported, would, as was also promised, create millions of good paying jobs. His mantra of “buy American” is worthless. He knows the vast majority of our consumer electronics, apparel, furniture and industrial supplies are made in China by workers who earn an average of one or two dollars an hour and lack unions and basic labor rights. He knows his call to lower deductibles and prescription drug costs in the Affordable Care Act will never be permitted by the corporations that profit from health care. He knows the corporate donors that fund the Democratic Party will ensure their lobbyists will continue to write Continue reading “Chris Hedges: Don’t Be Fooled By Joe Biden”

Subject: Claudine Gallagher

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Claudine Gallagher: Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) member of the board. She is Managing Director and Head of Securities Services, Americas, for BNP Paribas. She is responsible for the strategic development of the region, spearheading its client and product development, and marketing initiatives. She joined the firm in 2012 as Head of North America for Securities Services. Prior to joining BNP Paribas, Gallagher was an executive at J.P. Morgan for 10 years in a variety of senior management roles. In her most recent role there, she was global head of Depositary Receipts (DRs), a position she had held since 2006. At BNP Paribas, she serves on various senior committees throughout the Bank, including the Executive Committees of the BNP Paribas Americas Territory and of BNP Paribas Securities Services.

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