David K. Lifschultz: New Forms of [Wall Street] Treason?


Max Keiser does not really understand what the monetary expansion has to cover.

Central banks are transferring wealth from the average person to the likes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos – RT’s Keiser Report

You have according to the BIS 600 trillion in derivatives against a 81 trillion dollar world GDP or a multiple of 7. The BIS coordinates only the banks so this figure does not include insurance company derivatives or others in private industry unless a bank is connected to the transaction so it is grossly understated.  Some Swiss bankers tell me it is more like 1.2 quadrillion and others up to 2.5 quadrillion. 1.2 quadrillion gives you a multiple on the world GDP of 14 and 2.5 quadrillion a multiple of 30.

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Article: Patrick M. Byrne CEO of overstock.com

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Patrick M. Byrne CEO of overstock.com

yosuccess, 25 December 2015

Born in 1962 – Patrick M. Byrne is the CEO of most trustworthy online venture – OverStock.com. He is the son of Jack Byrne, who had built the GEICO insurance empire, and a protégé of Warren Buffet. Under Patrick’s leadership, OverStock.com saw a rise from $1.8 million in 1999 to $760.2 million in 2007, and now $1.5 Billion (FY 2014) in overall revenues.

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