Article: A long list of Anson short positions.Good post on Stockhouse here

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A long list of Anson short positions.Good post on Stockhouse here

u/Rubarbarbara, Reddit, 17 March 2021

I have the full post below:We all know how the dirty rats at Anson Funds work. Wash trading, down ticking, spoofing among a host of other dirty tricks the banks let them get away with.

Then we have their army of social media bashers, their relationships with Nate Anderson at Hindenburg Research, Ben Axler at Sprucepoint Capital Management and Andrew Left at Citron Research, amongst many others. All of them in the pay of Moez and Anson Funds.

All working together to destroy companies and profit off their illegal deals.

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Tip: Genius Brands Being Naked Short Sold?


Look at volume last few days 100M 2X Its insane settlement failures (FTDs) have to be HUGE as a CIA spy I can see it. The SEC has their heads up their asses not to see this The Data doesn’t lie People do and here is the data

Date Open High Low Close* Adj Close** Volume
May 13, 2020 0.7700 1.4100 0.7100 1.3100 1.3100 108,013,600
May 12, 2020 0.7500 0.7900 0.7000 0.7280 0.7280 12,622,900
May 11, 2020 0.6500 0.8480 0.6300 0.8050 0.8050 33,220,400
May 08, 2020 0.7240 0.7490 0.5050 0.5800 0.5800 43,040,000
May 07, 2020 0.7200 1.0300 0.6820 0.8350 0.8350 134,758,600