Lawyer: John O’Quinn


John Maurice O’Quinn (September 4, 1941 – October 29, 2009) was a Texas trial lawyer and founding partner of The O’Quinn Law Firm (formerly known as O’Quinn & Laminack). His firm made its business handling plaintiff’s litigation, including representing clients suing breast implant manufacturers, medical facilities, and tobacco companies. In 2009, O’Quinn, along with his passenger, died in a single car crash in Houston, Texas. There were three class-action law firms, headed by John O’Quinn, pushing back against naked short selling. O’Quinn ‘s firm was one also representing in the Internet retailer’s suit against short seller Rocker Partners LP and research firm Gradient Analytics.



Article: Hedge Hogs

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Hedge Hogs

Liz Moyer

Forbes, 28 June 2006

So who should be overseeing the $1.2 trillion hedge fund industry? Apparently no one is now. But the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has two ideas.

Either the nation needs new legislation to tackle allegations of widespread trading abuses by the hedge funds, or law enforcement officials should simply be encouraged to do the right thing with laws they already have at their disposal?

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Article: Overstock’s Three Affidavits

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Overstock’s Three Affidavits

John Reeves, 05 October 2005

The nearly endless fount of mirth surrounding Patrick Byrne’s lawsuit against Gradient Analytics, short-selling hedge fund Rocker Partners, and others is obscuring a case with fairly broad implications for security analysis, First Amendment rights, and the credibility of our public markets.

While fanciful visions of Sith Lords and evil shorting hordes make for good copy, this is a lawsuit that is about something more substantive: an accusation that Gradient and Rocker resorted to unfair business practices to knock down’s (NASDAQ:OSTK) share price. Too much coverage has been spent plumbing the entertainment value, and nearly none on the facts of the suit itself. Continue reading “Article: Overstock’s Three Affidavits”