Article: JBS Offers Eateries $13M In New ‘Ice-Breaker’ Pork Settlement

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JBS Offers Eateries $13M In New ‘Ice-Breaker’ Pork Settlement

Bryan Koenig, 16 April 2021

JBS USA Food Co. has settled with more plaintiffs in litigation accusing meat-processing giants of scheming to inflate pork prices, with commercial and institutional indirect buyers asking a Minnesota federal judge to preliminarily greenlight a $12.75 million deal.

This would be the first settlement these plaintiffs, which include a number of restaurant chains, have reached with meatpackers. JBS has already cut multimillion-dollar deals with direct buyers and consumer indirect purchasers, both of which similarly called their settlements “ice-breakers” that, like Thursday’s agreement, come with promises to help with ongoing claims against other pork producers such as Clemens, Hormel, Tyson and Smithfield.  

In their motion for preliminary approval Thursday, the commercial and institutional buyers, which include Longhorn’s Steakhouse, defined the settlement class as anyone who indirectly bought pork from the defendants “during the settlement class period for their own business use in commercial food preparation” based on a class period starting in 2009. Continue reading “Article: JBS Offers Eateries $13M In New ‘Ice-Breaker’ Pork Settlement”

Article: Einhorn: “The Market Is Fractured And In The Process Of Breaking Completely”

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Einhorn: “The Market Is Fractured And In The Process Of Breaking Completely”

TYLER DURDEN, 15 April 2021

In many ways, David Einhorn’s Greenlight appears to be back to its “new normal” – in a letter sent to investors, Einhorn writes that Greenlight again underperformed the market and returned -0.1% in the first quarter, badly underperforming the 6.2% return for the S&P 500 index, before proceeding to bash the Fed, broken markets, Chamath and Elon, the basket of short stocks and much more.

That said, even though as Einhorn writes Greenlight made only a handful of portfolio changes and essentially broke even, “a lot happened. In general, the investment environment – especially from mid-February through the end of the quarter – was favorable as value outperformed growth, and interest rates and inflation expectations rose.” Continue reading “Article: Einhorn: “The Market Is Fractured And In The Process Of Breaking Completely””