Article: Trader Arrested as WallStreetBets Phenomenon Finds Echo in Japan

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Trader Arrested as WallStreetBets Phenomenon Finds Echo in Japan

Gearoid Reidy and Shoko Oda, 12 March 2021

(Bloomberg) — A retail investor buys shares in a small company, touts his position on social media and inspires a horde of followers to do the same. The stock price goes to the moon — before crashing back to earth.

It’s an all-too-familiar tale to anyone watching the market in 2021, but this wasn’t GameStop Corp. It wasn’t even in America. And it happened in 2018.

It was in the Japanese city of Osaka, where a day trader who goes by the nickname Tonpin was betting on a tiny maker of precision dies and molds called Nichidai Corp. and broadcasting the fact on Twitter, where he has more than 55,000 followers. The stock surged more than sixfold in the first three months of 2018 before losing most of the gains.

The person behind the nickname was Toru Yamada, a former money manager, and he and another man have just been arrested for market manipulation, according to Japanese media reports. He wasn’t arrested for talking the stock up on Twitter, but on suspicion of trying to keep the share price down — albeit so it would have margin-trading restrictions removed which, when it happened, caused the shares to soar to new highs.

The incident shows how regulators sift through unusual trading patterns and come to conclusions often years later. It may pique the interest of protagonists and observers of the recent meme stock rally in the U.S., such as users of the Reddit forum WallStreetBets.

Yamada has yet to be charged, and it’s not clear whether he will be. And while nobody is suggesting that U.S. traders employed similar tactics to those he’s alleged to have used, the case illustrates the risks that can be associated with becoming a high-profile investor on social media. While you’re in the public spotlight, you may also be in the regulators’ crosshairs.

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Article: Japan Day Trader Arrested on Market Manipulation Charges: Report

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Japan Day Trader Arrested on Market Manipulation Charges: Report

Gearoid Reidy and Shoko Oda, 10 March 2021

Toru Yamada, a Japanese retail investor who was among the most vocal trading voices on the country’s social media, was arrested in Osaka on charges of market manipulation, according to local media reports.

Yamada, better known by his Twitter account name @Tonpin1234, was arrested on Monday local time by the Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office along with another man, Hironobu Utsunomiya, for allegedly breaching the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Nikkei newspaper reported.

The charges related to trades involving Jasdaq-listed company Nichidai Corp. in 2018, the report said. The two placed a large number of sell orders below the market price just before the close, seeking to artificially stabilize Nichidai’s share price with the intention of preventing it from being subject to restrictions on new margin trades, according to the reports. Shares in Nichidai had surged since the start of that year, rising more than threefold by the time of Yamada’s last filing on March 26.

On Twitter, where he was a regular presence until last June, Yamada frequently tweeted about his favored stocks, and his bets were often followed by smaller retail investors. A combative presence on social media, Yamada frequently argued with other users who accused him of manipulation.

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