Article: Peter Thiel Calls Bitcoin ‘a Chinese Financial Weapon’ at Virtual Roundtable

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Peter Thiel Calls Bitcoin ‘a Chinese Financial Weapon’ at Virtual Roundtable

Max Chafkin, 07 April 2021

Peter Thiel is “pro-crypto” and “pro-Bitcoin maximalist,” but he also thinks the cryptocurrency may be undermining America.

Thiel, the venture capitalist and conservative political donor, urged the U.S. government to consider tighter regulations on cryptocurrencies in an appearance on Tuesday. The statements seemed to represent a change of heart for Thiel, who is a major investor in virtual currency ventures as well as in cryptocurriences themselves. Continue reading “Article: Peter Thiel Calls Bitcoin ‘a Chinese Financial Weapon’ at Virtual Roundtable”

Article: The Truth about Trade Deficits and Currency Manipulation

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The Truth about Trade Deficits and Currency Manipulation

Michael Collins, 12 January 2021

The U.S. Treasury Department has finally determined that China is a currency manipulator, putting currency manipulation and trade deficits back in the news. Trade deficits, currency manipulation and the strong dollar are complicated economic forces that directly affect the future of American manufacturing. Let’s look at how they affect manufacturing and why we must face the truth and do something around these issues, regardless of the politics.

Trade Deficits: Let me begin by saying that, yes, trade deficits have and will continue to hurt American manufacturing, although many politicians, economists, and industry associations disagree.

Michael Froman, former trade representative: “Every legitimate economist said that measuring trade policy by the size of the goods deficit is probably not a passing grade in a basic economics class,”

Lawrence H. Summers, Harvard economist: “The trade deficit is a terrible metric for judging economic policy.” Continue reading “Article: The Truth about Trade Deficits and Currency Manipulation”

Subject: Gordon M. Nixon

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Gordon M. Nixon serves on the Board of Directors at BlackRock, Inc. Nixon was President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Royal Bank of Canada from 2001 to 2014. He first joined RBC Dominion Securities Inc. in 1979, where he held a number of operating positions and served as Chief Executive Officer from December 1999 to April 2001. Mr. Nixon has served on the board of directors of BCE Inc. since 2014 and was named Chairman of the board upon his re-election in April 2016. He is also a director of George Weston Limited and is on the advisory board of Kingsett Capital.


Black Rock, Inc 

Article: The Deutsche Bank gold manipulation scandal

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The Deutsche Bank gold manipulation scandal

Leonard Melmano, 02 June 2016

Sophisticated British criminals exploited vulnerabilities in Australia’s search engine and cryptocurrency infrastructure to dupe small investors, lured by the promise of high-yield funds badged by some of the finance world’s most trusted brands.

The complex scheme involved stolen identities and fraudulent prospectuses that claimed to represent high-yield investment funds run by global managers Citibank, Nomura, and IFM Investors. It has ensnared millions from unsuspecting victims who sought better returns as interest rates collapsed during the COVID-19 crisis. Continue reading “Article: The Deutsche Bank gold manipulation scandal”