Article: AMC, other ‘meme’ stocks jump; regulator signals concern

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AMC, other ‘meme’ stocks jump; regulator signals concern

Aaron Saldanha, Sinéad Carew and David Randall, 07 June 2021

(Reuters) -Shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc and other “meme stocks” jumped on Monday, extending a rally in social-media favorites into a third week as message boards hummed with talk of squeezing Wall Street short-sellers.

The sharp gains prompted the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to say it was looking into signs of market manipulation given the “volatility in certain stocks.” The volatility has challenged analysts, and two of them in the past week have stopped covering video game retailer GameStop, whose shares soared in January in a retail-driven rally. Continue reading “Article: AMC, other ‘meme’ stocks jump; regulator signals concern”

Tip: Riot Blockchain Fucked by CNBC and SEC to Protect Naked Short Sellers and Major Institutions Doing Naked Short Selling


A public company that crushed short sellers The stock went form $3 to $45 The shorts on Wall St were screaming Fraud even CNBC was in on this one to stop the stock from GOING higher. CNBC story They are now Dateline instead of a business show WHY?

Riot Blockchain plummets after CNBC investigation finds no evidence of an advertised shareholders meeting (RIOT)

And after all the attacks the SEC joined in and here is the outcome  THEY ARE CLEARED and the stock which was once $45 is now $2
That’s how Wall St works hurt the big boys and they call the cops to protect them  — so SEC sanctions defamation and tortious interference on a daily basis.