Article: The Dark Money Secretly Bankrolling Activist Short- Sellers — and the Insiders Trying to Expose It

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The Dark Money Secretly Bankrolling Activist Short-Sellers — and the Insiders Trying to Expose It

Michelle Celarier

Institutional Investor, 30 November 2020

More than a dozen short-sellers interviewed by Institutional Investor in an effort to penetrate this murky terrain say there are numerous players and various permutations of the model that may involve the sharing of ideas and research along with either a cut of the gains on the short trade or a set fee. In fact, some short-sellers believe that almost all of the activists have such backing — even those running small hedge funds themselves.

Subject: Fahmi Quadir

Subject of Interest

Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Safkhet Capital

Born in the USA to Bangladeshi parents. Left PhD track to do research at Deallus Consulting.  Recruited by Michael Krensavage to be a short seller.

Central to the short selling of both Valeant and Wirecard. Has enjoyed a massive media elevation with no inquries into her connections to naked short sellers who destroyed both Valeant and Wirecard.


Comment: There is a new layer of naked short sellers and bashers on Wall Street that is connected to India, Pakistan, and Bangldesh. They are the new gang in town.