Letter: Marc Cohodes to Judge Jed Rakoff


PDF (5 Pages): 20210218-Cohodes Submission Against Petit

“Second, Mr. Cohodes has never engaged in naked short selling (that is, he trades through brokers who find shares for him to borrow and he pays high interest fees to maintain his short positions). He was never part of any concerted illegal campaign to target MiMedx; his actions were his own.”

Comment: The above statement by a lawyer is easily challenged in court with evidence. Mr. Cohodes appears to be panicking. This time around it will cost him 10X to 100X what he was forced to pay Patrick Byrne.  We have it all. The matter of compromised judges and DOJ and SCC as a RICO organization are also on the table. DTCC will not survive a Special Prosecutor.

Filing: SEC v Citigroup


SEC v Citigroup

28 November 2011

On October 19, 2011, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
(the “S.E.C.”) filed this lawsuit, accusing defendant Citigroup
Global Markets Inc. (“Citigroup”) of a substantial securities fraud.
According to the S.E.C.’s Complaint, after Citigroup realized in
early 2007 that the market for mortgage-backed securities was
beginning to weaken, Citigroup created a billion-dollar Fund (known
as “Class V Funding III”) that allowed it to dump some dubious assets
on misinformed investors.

PDF (15 pages): SEC v Citigroup

Article: Judge Rejects Settlement Over Merrill Bonuses

Article - Media

Judge Rejects Settlement Over Merrill Bonuses

Zachary Kouwe

New York Times, 14 September 2009

As President Obama traveled to Wall Street on Monday and chided bankers for their recklessness, across town a federal judge issued a far sharper rebuke, not just for some of the financiers but for their regulators in Washington as well.

Giving voice to the anger and frustration of many ordinary Americans, Judge Jed S. Rakoff issued a scathing ruling on one of the watershed moments of the financial crisis: the star-crossed takeover of Merrill Lynch by the now-struggling Bank of America.

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