Article: Cannabis Banking Is Happening Despite No Official Legislation In Place

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Cannabis Banking Is Happening Despite No Official Legislation In Place

J. Samuel, 19 July 2021

There has been an increase of banks and credits unions that have spoken on working with cannabis businesses. In recent times reports have come out about how these financial institutes have remained stable over the last quarter. This updated info has come from published federal data.

Going back from the last 3 quarters of 2020 those states have been falling consistently. This is partially happening because of overhauled reporting requirements from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. As well this is also due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet things seem to have been sustainable over the most recent two quarters. Continue reading “Article: Cannabis Banking Is Happening Despite No Official Legislation In Place”

Article: New SEC Rules Target ‘Naked’ Short-Selling

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New SEC Rules Target ‘Naked’ Short-Selling

Marcy Gordon

Associated Press, 18 September 2008

Federal regulators yesterday took measures aimed at reining in aggressive forms of short-selling that were blamed in part for the demise of Lehman Brothers and that some feared could be used against other vulnerable companies in a turbulent market.

The Securities and Exchange Commission adopted rules it said would provide permanent protections against abusive “naked” short-selling. Unlike the SEC’s temporary emergency ban this summer covering naked short-selling in the stocks of mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and 17 large investment banks, the new rules apply to trading in the broader market.

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Article: Lawsuits Accuse “Prime Brokers” of Securities Fraud

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Lawsuits Accuse “Prime Brokers” of Securities Fraud

Wayne Jett

San Gabriel Valley Tribune cited by RGM Communications via Wayback, 19 July 2006

Two class-action lawsuits filed in Manhattan federal court in April allege fraud by the world’s largest “prime brokers” in securities lending practices.

Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Banc of America Securities, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank Securities, UBS Financial and Bank of New York allegedly charge high fees to lend securities for short selling, but fail to deliver the securities sold short by hedge funds.

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Article: Hedge Hogs

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Hedge Hogs

Liz Moyer

Forbes, 28 June 2006

So who should be overseeing the $1.2 trillion hedge fund industry? Apparently no one is now. But the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has two ideas.

Either the nation needs new legislation to tackle allegations of widespread trading abuses by the hedge funds, or law enforcement officials should simply be encouraged to do the right thing with laws they already have at their disposal?

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