Article: S&P Settles SEC’s Stale Valuation Charges

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S&P Settles SEC’s Stale
Valuation Charges

Credit Suisse
Alicia McElhaney, 17 May 2021

S&P Dow Jones Indices has settled with the SEC over charges that it published stale valuations of a volatility-related index.

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced Monday that S&P had agreed to pay a $9 million fine without admitting or denying the SEC’s findings.

The regulator’s charges had centered on the S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures Index ER, a volatility-tracking product that S&P licensed to certain issuers, including Credit Suisse, which used the S&P product for an exchange-traded note that tracked the index. Continue reading “Article: S&P Settles SEC’s Stale Valuation Charges”

Article: Dollar Death Knell: IMF Introduces World Currency

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Dollar Death Knell: IMF Introduces World Currency

Anthony Migchels, 05 April 2021

Anthony Migchels: “Henry, something big happened last week: the IMF is going to give out loans in SDR. Special Drawing Rights are their currency. By itself, they’re nothing special, but the IMF has always lent in Dollars.

That they are going to print their own currency on a large scale, $650 billion to begin with, is simply monumental. It means that World Currency is starting.

This is EXACTLY what Mark Carney (BoE chief) announced 18 months ago. That the Petrodollar would end ‘in ten years’, and would be replaced with an IMF World Reserve Currency. I reported on it here. There’s Going to be a Gold Standard & It Will Be Disastrous.”

“Make no mistake: if there’s a World Central Bank, and a World Reserve Currency, open World Government is not far away.”

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Article: Stocks Dump’n’Pump; Dollar Gains Amid Bitcoin, Bond Pain

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Stocks Dump’n’Pump; Dollar Gains Amid Bitcoin, Bond Pain

Tyler Durden,25 March 2021

Thanks to yet another big short-squeeze that began shortly ahead of the EU close. This was the biggest short-squeeze since late January. Small Caps went from down over 1.5% ahead of the EU close to up over 2.5%. Nasdaq ended lower as late day selling pressure hit…

Before today, the last six days have seen the market has dropped in the last hour. S&P and Dow are back to unch on the week, Nasdaq remains red and Small Caps still down over 4.3%.Value outperformed Growth today but both ripped off the EU close…

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