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Scott Johnston is the Chief Administrative Officer of Citadel. Prior to becoming CAO in 2018, Scott served as Chief Operating Officer of Citadel Securities. Scott joined Citadel Securities in 2017 from Tower Research Capital, where he was a partner and COO responsible for business development, operations and business management. Prior to joining Tower, he was Managing Director and Chief Information Officer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), responsible for GLOBEX and clearing technology. During his time at the CME.  Scott is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

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Article: Tower Research Capital pays $67m to settle spoofing charges

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Tower Research Capital pays $67m to settle spoofing charges

Kadhim Shubber in Washington

Financial Times

Tower Research Capital in $67M settlement for spoofing futures. High-frequency trading firm Tower Research Capital will pay $67.4 million to settle allegations of spoofing by three former traders, the largest settlement to date associated with the illegal activity.

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