Tweet: Fraser Perring — Liar and Naked Short Seller?


Comment: Perring operates Viceroy Research.

Article: Fraser Perring: Chronicles of Deceit, Part I

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Fraser Perring: Chronicles of Deceit, Part I

Roddy Boyd

Foundation for Financial Journalism, 4 November 2019

Forty-six-year-old Fraser Perring, a resident of Lincoln, England, founded and runs Viceroy Research with two other analysts. Their investigations of what they claim are misleading corporate disclosures or flawed business models have regularly sent the stock prices of their targets spiraling downward.

But as revealed by a seven-month investigation by the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation, Perring is a charlatan of the first order, with a brazen multiyear record of personal and professional deceit. It makes one wonder, If Perring is fudging the truth to reporters about houses and cars, what else is he not on the level about? A lot, it turns out.

The first part of this investigation lays out Perring’s erratic and troubling conduct, including some dubious methods to generate interest for his research on stock message boards and his impersonating a well-known hedge fund manager. Part two will examine the real forces backing and benefiting the business model of Perring and many other activist short sellers.


Article: Munich prosecutors seek fine against publisher of Zatarra report

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Munich prosecutors seek fine against publisher of Zatarra report

Reuters, 10 December 2018

MUNICH, Dec 10 (Reuters) – Munich prosecutors have issued a penalty order seeking to fine British short seller Fraser Perring for suspected manipulation of German payment processor Wirecard AG’s share price, a spokeswoman for the prosecution said on Monday.

Comment: Fraser Perring operates Viceroy Research.