Tip: Vuzix Being Naked Short Sold, Defamed, Tortious Interference by the Ecology of Naked Short Selling Criminals Across Wall Street


Comment: VUZI up on big volume and all of a sudden an article comes out saying that it has been ‘leaked” about Apple’s glasses, which Apple has said won’t be around until 2024-Exactly what happens when the shorts start getting worried and they plant BS Stories.

This is total manipulation trying to hurt VUZIX with a BS “leaked” story in the aftermath of their offering last week — first place FBI should look is to the NSA records of their placement firm, probably in cahoots with the criminals and therefore a culpable accomplice.
Second Comment: The Naked shorts have caused the damage and continue to do so. Now they see Vuzix’s technology is serious, best in class and has multiple verticals in several industries.

Tip: Vuzix Fuck Job Completed — Massive Dilution


You dont have to be a fucking CIA spy to see what happened here before announcement of secondary   TODAY

Vuzix Announces $11,250,000 Common Stock Only Registered Direct Offering Priced At-The-Market  at $2.25 a share stock The selling of the stock was known since May 7, 8th the Hedge Funds knew the price and sold into any buying  that showed up north of $2.25,  so lets say they didn’t do that well made 30 cents on 5M shares for a day= $1.5 Million in profit locked in

ZERO RISK  without shorts selling into the buying stock would have been $5 not $2 and only 2.2M shares  would have been issued NOT 5 Million   More dilution down the road will equal a reverse

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Tip: Vuzix Fuck Job Looms UPDATE


Last week, VUZIX announced compatibility of their Augmented reality technology(glasses) with COVID detection. The stock moved significantly higher on close to 20mm shares on Thursday and Friday-normal volume is few hundred thousand shares at most. Each day the swings in the stock price were very significant. VUZIX has been on the Reg Sho list many times(indicating fails to deliver) and has a huge naked short and reported short in the stock.

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