Article: $COTI — the undeniable SCAM run by criminals — Investigation Report

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$COTI — the undeniable SCAM run by criminals — Investigation Report

api3cloud, 18 March 2021

Part 1
‘’The criminals’’

I start this article with a disclaimer that this investigative research would not be possible without the help of many. A combined effort on Reddit, Discord, Telegram and Twitter to put together information of undeniable official evidences that COTI is in fact an orchestrated fraud operated by Israeli well known Binary Options criminals. All information provided is backed by public sources and data. This is not FUD. These are undeniable public evidences that the COTI team tried to hide from the public for a long time, the victims of the soon to be known as one of the biggest crypto scams ever seen, need to be informed and law authorities need to act fast.

In this article I will deep dive on the extensive criminal background of COTI team.

When was COTI created? In 2017, the exact month Israel authorities banned Binary Options the COTI team needed the next scam to pull. ICOS were hot at the time, easy money and easy preys.

SIMONA WEINGLASS: Twitter @simonaweinglass /// Email

A reputable white collar crime and corruption investigative journalist for the biggest newspaper of Israel, and the responsible for taking down COTI founders Binary Options scams back in 2017 reports

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