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Gary Weiss is an American investigative journalist, columnist and author of two books that critically examine the ethics and morality of Wall Street. He was also a contributing editor for Condé Nast Portfolio. His Businessweek articles exposed organized crime on Wall Street and the Salomon Brothers bond trading scandal in the 1990s, and more recently he has covered the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath. Weiss received degrees from the City College of New York and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.


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Web: 5,000 Reasons Why the Saga is Crazier Than Ever


5,000 Reasons Why the Saga is Crazier Than Ever

Gary Weiss, 30 January 2018

It’s been a long time since the financial press has cast a skeptical eye on and its CEO, Patrick Byrne, Yet there are multiple reasons to do so. Five thousand to be exact. So I’ve dusted off my blog for an update on my favorite fraudulent stock.

As in all soap operas, its continuing story line is not new: Byrne wants the stock to go up. The stock has a history of manipulation, mainly through cooking the books, resulting in multiple restatements. But it takes an expert to sniff out accounting irregularities. All you need to detect the latest Overstock scam is a working pair of eyes and an Internet connection.

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Web: Fake New Impresario Patrick Byrne Gets Canadian Court Deadline


Fake New Impresario Patrick Byrne Gets Canadian Court Deadline

Gary Weiss, 16 February 2017

Another setback for CEO Patrick Byrne, as he fights the There’s been a victory in the struggle against fake news, and chances are you’ve never heard about it.

I’m referring to a legal battle involving a right-wing financier named Patrick Byrne, CEO of A few months ago he was trounced in a Canadian court for outlandish lies that he published on his fake news website, “Deep Capture.”

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Web: Canadian Court Wallops CEO Patrick Byrne


Canadian Court Wallops CEO Patrick Byrne

Gary Weiss, 19 December 2016

A Canadian appellate court has a lump of coal for the Christmas stocking of CEO Patrick Byrne: pay a libel judgment for lying on a fake news website, or your appeal will be kicked out of court.

Last May, Byrne was hit with a C$1.2 million judgment for outlandish lies about a Canadian stock promoter, Aly Nazerali, on “Deep Capture,” a website that retails fake news, conspiracy theories and personal attacks on journalists and whistleblowers. The court’s scathing decision found that Byrne and right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Mitchell maliciously fabricated wild accusations against Nazerali.

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Web: CEO Patrick Byrne Loses ‘Deep Capture’ Libel Suit

Web CEO Patrick Byrne Loses ‘Deep Capture’ Libel Suit

Gary Weiss, 7 May 2016

In a scathing decision released on May 6, a Vancouver court found Byrne and his “Deep Capture” fake news venture had fabricated lurid accusations of criminal conduct against a Vancouver businessman named Aly Nazerali. The damage award consists mainly of punitive and aggravated damages, and the judge found that the conduct of Byrne and his minions was so egregious that he slapped a permanent injunction on the defendants.

I’ve written about Byrne quite a bit in the past because he was the very worst of Corporate America, from his bizarre stock-market conspiracy theories to his well-documented accounting games, which he countered by vicious personal attacks on critics and the media. He is a kind of small-bore Donald Trump, a “born on third base who thinks he hit a triple” kind of guy. Byrne lies so frequently and with such gusto that it’s hard to say if he can distinguish fact from fiction. He is on indefinite leave from Overstock because of a Hepatitis C infection, a disease ordinarily caused by intravenous drug use—or, if you believe him, a wound sewn up by “barefoot doctor in China.”

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Web: The Lessons From CEO Patrick Byrne’s Gun Caper


The Lessons From CEO Patrick Byrne’s Gun Caper

Gary Weiss, 4 February 2013

I was appalled (but not surprised) to learn about CEO Patrick Byrne’s latest escapade: a couple of weeks ago, he was arrested at Salt Lake Airport trying to carry a loaded Glock handgun onto an airplane.

I was even less surprised by the revelation, buried in a police report, that he sleeps with the gun every night, ready to drill any intruding “miscreants” with .40-caliber, bone-shattering hollow-point bullets.

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Article: Barron’s Gary Weiss Caught Plagiarizing Matt Taibbi, Find-Replaces Style With Spin

Article - Media

Barron’s Gary Weiss Caught Plagiarizing Matt Taibbi, Find-Replaces Style With Spin

Patrick Byrne

DeepCapture, 7 August 2012

Two months ago a schlubby-but-savage Goldman lawyer named Joseph E. Floren made a mistake that caused some previously redacted information about Goldman Sachs to slip into the public’s hands. The event was ably covered by such globally-respected publications as Bloomberg, the Economist, and Rolling Stone.

Since May I have wondered, With the truth emerge at last in publications such as Economist, Bloomberg, and Rolling Stone, surely the Bad Guys must understand they have lost control of the narrative. Surely, I thought, they are working out some new damage control strategy to deflect or usurp the truth as it comes out.

And as always, Gary Weiss doesn’t let us down.

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Filing: FINRA v Credit Suisse


FINRA v Credit Suisse

13 December 2011

Pursuant to FINRA Rule 9216 of FINRA’s Code of Procedure, the Respondent submits this Letter of Acceptance, Waiver and Consent (“AWC”) for the purpose of proposing a settlement of the alleged rule violations described below. This AWC is submitted on the condition that, if accepted, FINRA will not bring any future actions against the Respondent alleging violations based on the same factual findings described herein.

PDF (22 pages): FINRA v Credit Suisse

Web: Patrick Byrne, Facing Dilemma, Lashes Out at Penson Financial


Patrick Byrne, Facing Dilemma, Lashes Out at Penson Financial

Gary Weiss, 9 October 2009

Sam Antar today describes the serious dilemma facing Patrick Byrne, the wacky CEO of Thanks to an SEC investigation instigated by Sam, who has posted frequently about how Overstock has systematically inflated its financial statements, Byrne is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

He has to either restate Overstock’s recent earnings–including a much-ballyhooed “profit” in the fourth quarter that was actually a loss–or wait until the SEC forces him to do so.

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