Article: Where short sellers meet ESG

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Where short sellers meet ESG

THE MARKET EAR,  30 March 2021

Sustainable investments have seen accelerated trends during the last five years. ESG- screening and ESG compliance ETFs enormous inflows have created a huge demand for clean and “green washed” stocks, that consequently received huge valuation premium to the overall market. This is certainly a long-term trend, but the last year hype has now cooled down with popular stocks like PLUG, RUN, ENPH, NOVA having corrected by between 35% and 60% from their highs (PLUG needs to gain 120% to break even for those long at highs…). Continue reading “Article: Where short sellers meet ESG”

Article: Meme stocks loom large in the CSA’s short-selling review

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Meme stocks loom large in the CSA’s short-selling review

James Langton, 22 March 2021

When a group of retail traders used Reddit to gleefully gang up on a handful of hedge funds in January, giving birth to the concept of “meme” stocks, they cranked up an already simmering debate about proper public discourse related to trading. In Canada, a consultation regarding activist short-sellers is the focus of that debate.

Late last year, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) published a consultation paper on the role and regulation of activist short-sellers — traders who publicly air their negative views on the stocks they’re shorting.

Defenders of the practice maintain that vocal short-sellers are the only thing standing between unrelenting upside hype and ordinary investors — i.e., their skepticism and scrutiny help expose corporate fraud and misconduct, aiding naive regulators and investors alike. Continue reading “Article: Meme stocks loom large in the CSA’s short-selling review”