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Our Financial Oligarchy; Emperors of a Brave New World

They own the regulators; they own the brokerage houses; they own the clearing houses; they own all of your investments; and it’s even been shown that they can exert complete control over the government.

To understand how these banks exert complete control over our financial system, one must first understand the securities clearance system.

In the United States of America, there is only one central clearinghouse: The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, and for almost 50 years they have maintained a virtual monopoly over this essential service.

It is a private corporation that is owned by these mega-banks and brokers.

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Article: Europe plans ban on naked short selling

Article - Media

Europe plans ban on naked short selling

Steve Johnson and Baptiste Aboulian

Financial Times, 23 May 2010

European politicians have proposed a complete ban on naked short selling, significantly widening the scope of the clampdown implemented last week by Angela Merkel, the German chancellor.

Naked shorting is already banned in the US, Hong Kong, Australia and Brazil, but the idea of a complete European-wide ban is likely to provoke controversy in some quarters.

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