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John Serubo was a stock promoter & investor who introduced “EagleTech” to his wall street firm and partners, Salomon Smith Barney. According to the SEC complaint, Serubo was one of the primary perpetrators in the EagleTech criminal case. Serubo, Tonino Labella, and others manipulated EagleTech’s stock and solicited investors to buy shares before EagleTech went public. According to the book, Naked, Short, and Greedy: Wall Street’s Failure to Deliver, “they pretended to sell shares to investors for a total of $1.4 million – before they had the actual shares to sell.” He explained how to take down a company through infiltrated management in The Wall Street Conspiracy Documentary. 

Filing: SEC v Tonino Labella, et al.

Web: Criminals, Prosecutors, Financial Manipulators, and Their Incestuous Relationships


Criminals, Prosecutors, Financial Manipulators, and Their Incestuous Relationships.

Bud Burrell

Sanity Check via Wayback, 3 April 2006

After the great hoopla of the the Bermuda Short Sting Case, which produced a conviction rate of about 88% of indictees, the silence from the Government on related collateral indictments in pending cases, some more than four years old, is literally deafening.

The Government’s various agencies really have an “NIH” (Not Invented Here) attitude towards grass root developed cases coming up to them not as a direct result of their own investigative initiative. I am aware of case after case taken to various agencies of the Government with substantive evidence attached, which were ignored, black-holed, or thrown back at the victims.

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Web: The Death of a Thousand Cuts


The Death of a Thousand Cuts

Bud Burrell

Sanity Check via Wayback, 2 February 2006

During my undergraduate studies, I read of an historical method of execution known as the Death of a Thousand Cuts. I have come to see that as a metaphor for how guerrilla wars (like ours) are won and lost.

Whether any of us have fully realized it or not, we have been engaged by an insidious enemy whose sole desire was to steal what was not theirs from others they viewed as their inferiors, rather than earn it legitimately. When a person was executed by the infliction of a thousand small cuts, the pain was enormous, eventually killing the subject by shock and loss of blood, but very, very slowly.

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Web: Rod Young, Eagletech CEO’s Open Letter on the Shorting Scandal, a Classic


Rod Young, Eagletech CEO’s Open Letter on the Shorting Scandal, a Classic

Bud Burrell, Rod Young

Sanity Check via Wayback, 17 January 2006

Today, more than one month later, the records have not been forthcoming as ordered by the court. Instead, as First Deputy General Counsel for the DTCC, I believe you have undertaken a campaign to disseminate misinformation, lies, and half-truths when confronted with facts made public by your detractors.On March 5, 2005 one day after the announcement of the aforementioned court ruling, your interview, entitled “Naked Short Selling and the Stock Borrow Program”, stated: “One of these companies has been cited for failing to file financial statements since 2001.” Congratulations! You did get one right. On February 15, 2005, the Securities and Exchange Commission deemed it necessary for the protection of investors to institute proceedings pursuant to Section 12(j) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 In the Matter of Eagletech Communications, Inc., Respondent.

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