Subject: John Serubo

Subject of Interest

John Serubo was a stock promoter & investor who introduced “EagleTech” to his wall street firm and partners, Salomon Smith Barney. According to the SEC complaint, Serubo was one of the primary perpetrators in the EagleTech criminal case. Serubo, Tonino Labella, and others manipulated EagleTech’s stock and solicited investors to buy shares before EagleTech went public. According to the book, Naked, Short, and Greedy: Wall Street’s Failure to Deliver, “they pretended to sell shares to investors for a total of $1.4 million – before they had the actual shares to sell.” He explained how to take down a company through infiltrated management in The Wall Street Conspiracy Documentary. 

Filing: SEC v Tonino Labella, et al.