Article: Where short sellers meet ESG

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Where short sellers meet ESG

THE MARKET EAR,  30 March 2021

Sustainable investments have seen accelerated trends during the last five years. ESG- screening and ESG compliance ETFs enormous inflows have created a huge demand for clean and “green washed” stocks, that consequently received huge valuation premium to the overall market. This is certainly a long-term trend, but the last year hype has now cooled down with popular stocks like PLUG, RUN, ENPH, NOVA having corrected by between 35% and 60% from their highs (PLUG needs to gain 120% to break even for those long at highs…). Continue reading “Article: Where short sellers meet ESG”

Article: VIDEO | After Hindenburg Research report, Lordstown Motors set to face investors today

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VIDEO | After Hindenburg Research report, Lordstown Motors set to face investors today

Justin Dennis, 17 March 2021

Lordstown Motors has vowed to refute last week’s scathing short-seller report, which called demand for its Endurance all-electric pickup truck a “mirage” and claimed the company has been misleading investors.

LORDSTOWN — Lordstown Motors Corp. executives are expected to address the company’s investors during their end-of-year financial report this afternoon.

The report comes days after Hindenburg Research, a short-selling stock market research firm, delivered a damaging deep-dive into the Voltage Valley leader, claiming that its investors are being misled; that its all-electric pickup truck the Endurance is actually years away from production, despite executives’ September 2021 target; and that its book of about 100,000 non-binding pre-orders for the vehicle “are largely fictitious and used as a prop to raise capital and confer legitimacy.”

Lordstown Motors on Monday vowed to refute the report “in due time,” and a spokesperson last week promised a “thorough” statement. CEO Steve Burns, addressing reporters during a Monday tour of the plant where dozens of test vehicles are currently being built, reassured the Endurance is on-track.

“Whatever anybody thinks of us in the world, the main thing is we are going to be the first electric pickup truck in the United States, full-size, and that starts in September,” Burns said, as reported by The Business Journal.

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Article: A long list of Anson short positions.Good post on Stockhouse here

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A long list of Anson short positions.Good post on Stockhouse here

u/Rubarbarbara, Reddit, 17 March 2021

I have the full post below:We all know how the dirty rats at Anson Funds work. Wash trading, down ticking, spoofing among a host of other dirty tricks the banks let them get away with.

Then we have their army of social media bashers, their relationships with Nate Anderson at Hindenburg Research, Ben Axler at Sprucepoint Capital Management and Andrew Left at Citron Research, amongst many others. All of them in the pay of Moez and Anson Funds.

All working together to destroy companies and profit off their illegal deals.

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Article: Gravity, Fraud, and Prostitutes?

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Gravity, Fraud, and Prostitutes?

Jimmy Mengel, 17 September 2020

That’s exactly what Hindenburg Research accused Nikola Motors (NASDAQ: NKLA) of in a scathing short report last week called Nikola: How to Parlay An Ocean of Lies Into a Partnership With the Largest Auto OEM in America. The high-flying electric car company — which has seen 200% gains in the last six months — was called an “intricate fraud” and the once-skyrocketing stock came crashing back down to Earth: That’s a 32% drop in a week after rallying from the historic partnership with General Motors (NYSE: GM). The “Big Three” American automaker took an 11% stake in the company worth $200 billion in equity. It appeared as if the old guard had merged with the new one in an alliance to take on Elon Musk’s Tesla crown.
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