Article: What were the biggest short squeezes in history?

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What were the biggest short squeezes in history?

IG Analyst, 07 May 2021

From Piggly Wiggly to GameStop, short squeezes have been causing drama on the stock markets for more than a century. Read on to learn about the biggest short squeezes in history and how to take part in the next one.

What are short squeezes?

Short squeezes are market events where traders push up the value of a stock, forcing short sellers to buy (go long) to minimise their losses.

As the short sellers buy stock, the share value rises even higher, increasing the profits of the short-squeezing traders.

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Victim: Darren Saunders

Victim - Individual

Darren Saunders  was an investor, activist, and one of the stars in The Wall Street Conspiracy (2012) documentary. He was a victim of Naked Short Selling and spent the remainder of his life exposing and protested daily to raise awareness about the financial crime of naked short selling He eventually hooked up with David Patch, another victim and activist and was known as one of the “dirty dozen.” Saunders passed away from cancer in 2010.


Article: Naked Shorting Will Cause U.S. Exchange Exodus

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Naked Shorting Will Cause U.S. Exchange Exodus

Bud Burrell

Financial Wire, 5 August 2010

This week, an important online news service released an article that should send shockwaves into our public markets. In very curt form, the article chronicles the many abuses of U.S. public companies by short selling manipulators, particularly through naked short selling and regular and derivative based synthetic shorting. By implication, the article recites the sheer embarrassing ineffectiveness of our regulators, who are engaged in a pattern of systematic conflicts of interest with revolving doors that are a major disgrace to our own government.

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