Our Mission: To Put Naked Short Sellers — and US Government Officials That Help Them — Into Jail

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There is a new sheriff in  town. His name is Donald J. Trump. We’re going to make this personal — identifying naked short sellers by name. We will rescind the Holder Memorandum and pass legislation that applies federal  RICO to every aspect of financial fraud, inclusive of liberal use of NSA without a warrant. We have every email, every text, every call, every “game” chat.

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Article: Ken Griffin’s many many mansions: Billionaire’s latest is a $99M Palm Beach estate

Article - Media

Ken Griffin’s many many mansions: Billionaire’s latest is a $99M Palm Beach estate

Katherine Kallergis

TheRealDeal, 9 September 2019

Collage of Ken Griffin’s properties and Ken Griffin

Just when it looked like billionaire hedge funder Ken Griffin was taking a breather from assembling pricey property in Palm Beach — and the world — he has paid $99.1 million for an oceanfront estate.

The seller was billionaire real estate investor Frank McCourt, who unloaded the 18,452-square-foot mansion at 60 Blossom Way. Griffin acquired the estate through Providencia Partners LLC, property records show. McCourt, the former Los Angeles Dodgers owner, turned a 30 percent profit on the property, which he bought two years ago.

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Comments: This marks the second most expensive residential sale in history for the exclusive island. Griffin has now spent at least $350 million on land in Palm Beach alone.

Article: Billionaire Ken Griffin buys $122 million London mansion

Article - Media

Billionaire Ken Griffin buys $122 million London mansion

Robert Frank

CNBC, 22 January 2019

H/O: 3 Carlton Gardens London Ken Griffin mansion








Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin has just smashed another real estate price record, buying the most expensive home sold in London in over a decade for $122 million.

Griffin, CEO and founder of Citadel, bought a famed mansion near Buckingham Palace that was once home to Charles de Gaulle, according to a company spokesperson. The property at 3 Carlton Gardens stretches more than 16,000 square feet and has an indoor swimming pool and large staff quarters. It is the most expensive home sold in London since 2008, and comes as London property prices have tumbled due to Brexit fears.

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Lawyer: Mark Griffin


Formerly senior vice president and general counsel for Overstock.com, Griffin has been responsible for the strategic direction and operational effectiveness of the legal team.  Under his direction, the legal department has repeatedly seen success in fighting high-profile patent troll suits, and in working with the U.S. Congress, regulatory agencies and state legislatures on key legislation and regulatory matters, affecting the retail sector and public companies.  Griffin’s new position will expand his responsibilities in these and other areas.

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Article: SEC to limit shorting of Fannie, Freddie, brokers

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SEC to limit shorting of Fannie, Freddie, brokers

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — The Securities and Exchange Commission said Tuesday that it will try to limit so-called “naked” short selling of shares in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and big brokerage firms.

The SEC will issue an emergency order stating that all short sales of shares in these companies will be subject to a “pre-borrow” requirement, said Christopher Cox, chairman of the SEC. This will last for 30 days, he said. The SEC is also planning more rule-making focused on short selling in the broader market, Cox said.

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