Tip: Europe Ahead of USA, BSTX.com Battles SEC, tZero Looms Large


Robert – Great series on NSS. You should let President Trump know that Europe is ahead of the USA. Although the Wall Street gangs recently effectively lobbied a postponement. https://www.globalcustodian.com/esma-postpones-introduction-csdrs-settlement-discipline-regime/. CSDRS settlement rules is exactly what is needed here.

Also checkout BSTX.com’s battle with the SEC for approval to launch a new more fair exchange. BSTX is 50% owned by tZero which is a keiretsu company under Overstock’s Medici Ventures arm. They are planning a modest step where they use blockchain technology to create a supplementary reporting tool for all shares in circulation daily. SIFMA and the other exchanges of course are displeased. https://www.sec.gov/comments/sr-box-2019-19/srbox201919.htm

Academic: Robert J. Shapiro


Robert J. Shapiro (born 1953) is the cofounder and chairman of Sonecon, LLC, a United States private consultancy for economic and security-related issues that has built a reputation on a range of policy matters, including climate change, intellectual property, securities fraud, healthcare reform, demographics, the resilience of the electric grid to cyberattacks, and blockchain technologies.

Beyond Dr. Shapiro’s responsibilities and leadership at Sonecon, he is also currently a Senior Fellow of the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, a board member of the Medici Venture Fund, and a member of the advisory boards of Gilead Sciences and Cote Capital.

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