Tip: Europe Ahead of USA, BSTX.com Battles SEC, tZero Looms Large


Robert – Great series on NSS. You should let President Trump know that Europe is ahead of the USA. Although the Wall Street gangs recently effectively lobbied a postponement. https://www.globalcustodian.com/esma-postpones-introduction-csdrs-settlement-discipline-regime/. CSDRS settlement rules is exactly what is needed here.

Also checkout BSTX.com’s battle with the SEC for approval to launch a new more fair exchange. BSTX is 50% owned by tZero which is a keiretsu company under Overstock’s Medici Ventures arm. They are planning a modest step where they use blockchain technology to create a supplementary reporting tool for all shares in circulation daily. SIFMA and the other exchanges of course are displeased. https://www.sec.gov/comments/sr-box-2019-19/srbox201919.htm