Anonymous Witness: GTII & FNGR In Deep Doo Doo


Its not done by Me way to much details.and zero errors BUT a great job

$GTII Naked Short Squeeze – Ultimate DD from GTII

Today GTII was Posted on REG SHO list. Means they are short so Much they cant hide it anymore. And the brokers cannot look the other way IT must be cleaned it. THE END IS NEAR. Today’s short was 300,000 out of 500,000 that traded wonder why it has taken so long. Maybe its was the 100’s of calls to SEC and FINRA

Short Sale and Short Seller Rules – Regulation SHO Lawyers

Today was like me Betting on the daily double. FNGR was also on Reg SHO list Finally the 2 stocks I follow Both under attack and BOTH show up on the same day, FNGR has 3,100,000. Naked shorts to cover PAY ATTENTION to this name It will insane when they turn buyer