GTII Picasso Dividend then Warhol, Dole Foods 13M Fakes


Alert Reader:

First up a quick recap on Press

Had 9 more complaints filed with the SEC yesterday at least 260 about security fraud By our Long Island friends. I added Fox News and 2 other
Reporters to my mix. I think a major story about this will happen. I HOPE a Family member of the press gets robbed or needs a cancer treatment
And the company that can help them is being naked shorted. Lets see how they scream when they cant be saved because the company can’t finish
Their testing. WHEN THEY SUFFER they will all start writing for sure.

Looks like things are moving down the road. Looks to me the Picasso Dividend is coming up Then The Warhol and so on and so until the fold

If you think the Warrant was a pain in ass for Street this is the knockout Punch.

The Brokers will NOT have anything to do with this at all just need to tell company who is a owner

GTII will give out to Investors THE STREET will never touch it. THEY CANT make up any more stories

Wall St is a complete Fraud everyone knows it BUT the only way to expose them is with a dividend

DOLE FOODS read it again a special dividend and a Co with 36M shares now has 49M – 13M fakes.

GTII the naked short continues to sell. Another 350,000 this week Its all or none at this point for short Impossible to cover they will just walk

Away if forced WHY stop The SEC, Prime Brokers all look the other way. Think of a Bank Being robbed and the Cops are your lookout

GTC orders a must look at this crazy stock $5 to $77 in 1 day back to $10 ORPH. If you had a order in you sold If not you made very little.