Did Donald Trump Just Smash City of London (Rothschilds)?


As received from Alert Reader via email.

The Federal Reserve, The Corrupt US Corporation, and Blackrock 

What did Trump do?

Understand, bankruptcy must have an orderly transition of resolution – and provisions were put in place to protect We The People during that process.

The Treasury deal with Blackrock allows them to print commercial paper instead, which acts as a backstop against commercial failure instead of liquidity injection. What this means is that the UK is now cut off from QE (they’re pissed) and the Federal Reserve now has a private American contender who supports a new Industrial vision, which moves America and it’s citizens forward.

It was the only way to reign them in, and keep the Corrupt Geopolitical Conglomerate from collapsing the Stock Market.

Read that again.

They were going to force the collapse of the stock market and further bind us to the scheme that benefited America the least.

Trump not only stopped them, but set in motion a domino effect that will completely destabilize their corrupt, Petrodollar leverage scheme.

Imagine that McDonalds represents the Federal Reserve, they hold a patent on burgers and nobody else can produce or sell them. What happened was that Trump backed Burger King, and now there’s 2 players. Setting a precedent, it’s conceivable that a Wendy’s crops up too. And more and more and more as the realization of the opportunity strikes. Competition occurring in the credit spreads, per each State, like it was 200 years ago before they decided to generationally leverage and control the government and citizens of this Nation through corrupt, geopolitical economic and population conditioning schemes,  which solely benefited their wealth cycles.

Now, each State has the opportunity to be responsible for their own. Think State banking and credit spreads – it opens the door for more economic transparency in each State – not one entity setting the rate on each State – because when there’s a monopoly at this scale, you can cover up A LOT of corruption. The Federal Reserve was covering up MASSIVE amounts of geopolitical corruption, and hiding losses in each State.

This was a brilliant part of the overall Trump Card that was played, along with some significant additional provisions – think Militarily, and in terms of National Security for We The People. Now couple that with eradicating the corrupt “Protection” scheme for the Elite with AI Warfare, systematically destabilizing the Blackmail Market, which protected Elite involvement and powered heinous backchannel economic industries, like child exploitation and human trafficking.

Now you have an 87 year old leveraged Billionaire jumping off a high-rise Penthouse, Rothschild and Getty heirs suddenly passing, and a whole slew of untimely power node deaths across the world in less than 13 days, followed by massive resignations of key leaders and entire foreign governments.

An American Titan put his foot down against the enormous pressure of the World’s Elite, for you.

To facilitate a better future for America, for We The People.

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Comment: The WallStreetBoys, GameStop, Reddit play appears to be part of a much larger possibly super-computer wargame.  All of these things are happening together. We anticipate election fraud, Wall Street treason & crime trials, and Satanic pedophilia disclosures to pop together in March-April 2021.