Steven Vervaecke: Wall Street Controlled Demolition Part 2


The wallstreetboys reddit gamestop saga has been interesting. But the next chapter will be far more interesting.

The elite have striken back very agressive after being taken in total surprise. the robin hood app have forced all the gamestop traders to sell their shares instead of holding it. with some futher manipulation the elite where allowed to trade first and drove the reddit people to sell with loss.


So how does the next chapter can look:

there is talk of going after silver. And there is this: Mark Cuban Presents A “Little Trick” For Creating The Mother Of All Short Squeezes

The key point from the article:

Cuban made another point which we also addressed previously, namely that with millions of new users signing up to r/WallStreetBets where each trader has an average brokerage account of $5,000 (soon to get another $1,400 “stimmy check” infusion), the subreddit has become the world’s biggest distributed, decentralized hedge fund with a “hive mind”, where all the individual traders coordinate and work as one, and one which can steamroll over virtually any Wall Street veteran. In fact, at this rate, Once WSB has 15 million or so members – which should happen by the end of the week, as it now has a whopping 7 million up from 2 million at the start of the week…

7 million angry people is already quite the mob. If that number grows to 15 million, stuff is going to get really interesting. Given that the elite screwed over the holders; they wlll be more than pissed off. 15 million people making a move can be wrecking some real destruction in Finance aka White Collar Crime.