Steven Vervaecke: Gamestop Reddit What Next?


So i will just put out a small theory that has been itching my head for the past weekend. It might be completely baseless but its good to keep in mind.
By now we all have seen the next move of the Reddit gang Wallstreetbets will be Silver. According to Zerohedge this has the potential to evolve into a market crashing event.

Market could also mean Economy. So when did the gamestop reddit saga first break into the news. That was about early next week around 26 January.
Okay you say, so what? Well we have these 2 competing future timelines or projects that are called the great reset and The Great Awakening.
The great reset is the globalist elite way of crushing us into oblivion and create their dystopian technocratic fascist society. In short, they want to crash the economy.

It was rumoured that the great reset plans would kick off at 26 January, when the Davos event was happening.

Sounds familiar? lets circle back to the first alinea, a potential market crashing event. Silver. Got it? Well all this is just speculation from my part. As i simply dont know. And we all have seen the elites playbook in creating on what are on first sight a bottom up uprising like the Youth for climate gangs and extinction rebellion. It might be the case, it might also not be.

There is also this other viewpoint, which is far far more positive and concides with The Great Awakening timeline.

This viewpoint is expressed by Justin Deschamps from Stillnessinthestorm and goes like this. The Silver short is the weak point in the elite game. It is a way to break the central bank and eventually the dollar. And in the end will push us into the goldstandard again. As they are specifically targetting the gold and silver noblemetal price manipulation schemes.

Here is a complete expression of that viewpoint. One i personally found much more enjoyable and acceptable than my initial theory

So what timeline will you chose?