Robert Steele: The Rigging Continues, SEC & DTCC Lying Again


DTCC is a “self-regulating organization” which is code for Licensed to Steal with Impunity.  The SEC and DTCC (and the Senate Banking Commission and the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York) are RICO organizations. The fraud continues apace.

Alert Reader comments:

THE PLAY is in small names NOT BIG NAMES. There is no way in hell that the big shorts playing GME didn’t get the tip to cover and square books Before this news. GME and all the others are SHORTS are run ups I would BUY puts

The real play is in small Stocks like GTII and FNGR that i have proved to you about Naked shorts. GTII could have 40,000,000 naked shorts to cover
FNGR 3,000,000. Very little risk and BIG upside

There is no way BIG boys get crushed and small crooks walk away like movie stars They will be all executed soon…pick you own poison if you choose to look elsewhere


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