Article: Was John O’Quinn Murdered by Wall Street?

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Authorities will look into O’Quinn’s speed in fatal crash

Force uprooted tree

Investigators said it appeared the SUV veered to the left in the 1900 block of Allen Parkway, jumped a curb and careened over a grassy median, crossed the eastbound traffic lanes and hopped another curb onto a second median before smashing into the tree on the south side of the road. Tire marks across the first median show the path of the hurtling Suburban.

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Comment by Retired Veteran with Texas Law Enforcement Experience:  OnStar allowed GPS tracking, remote control of accelerator, brakes, transmission gear selection and all in cabin conversations. Not being able to shift to neutral, meant no control of speed. The airport “page” is a set up tell. Mention of his diabetes is a blame the victim seizure throw. O’Quinn had a long list of DS enemies, never had a chance. If the tree didn’t get him, the EMS team standing by (pre-arranged in the vicinity) finished the job.

ROBERT STEELE: By 2009 the murder technique known as “Boston Brakes” was fully developed.  It has been used to murder journalists and many others. A key indicator is that the car was clearly at full accelerator which would not have been the case if Quinn had gone unconscious or was having a heart attack. I believe this was murder. There is no statute of limitations on murder.


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