Article: 10 weapons Wall Street uses to manipulate you

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10 weapons Wall Street uses to manipulate you

Paul B. Farrell, 18 February 2014

New “Infinity Machine!” Yes. “Quantum Leap?” Yes. “The Future of Computing?” Well, no IPO yet. No Dell laptops. But wow, Time’s cover story sure is heaping praise on the amazing new quantum physics computer technology:

New quantum computing “promises to solve some of humanity’s most complex problems … backed by Jeff Bezos, NASA and the CIA … each costs $10,000,000 … operates at 459 degrees below zero.” Even the fact that “nobody knows how it actually works” isn’t a problem, says Time’s Lev Grossman. Why? Quantum computing “will change how we cure disease, explore the heavens and do business on Earth.”

But is it really a miracle-worker? Will it come with a moral conscience? Know right from wrong? Or will the amazing “Infinity Machine” just be the next generation of superhot, but soulless big-data processors? Ask yourself:

Why does Bezos want the “Infinity Machine?” To accelerate Amazon’s profit-making machine by feeding the world’s insatiable consumer economy? What does the CIA cyberspying agency want with this “Infinity Machine?” Will new quantum computing technology help search deeper into our privacy? Will the new “Infinity Machine” become just another new high-tech weapon in Wall Street’s profit-making arsenal annually siphoning off more billions from the retirement portfolios of America’s 95 million investors?

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